Sunday, 18 January 2015

Altering RTW tights

I am happy to bin all the fashion tights that I have been hanging onto for years that never quite fit, but I have a couple of pairs of knitted tights that I am less keen to get rid of. I bought this Navy blue sparkle knit pair a couple of Christmases' ago and I admit that I bought the wrong size because I really wanted them. The L/XL had sold out, so I bought the S/M knowing that they were going to be too small and wore them anyway.

Question: If I am supposed to wear L/XL what hope is there for anyone larger than a UK size 14???


The solution was to make a new tights top, cut the legs from the original tights and sew the legs to the new tights top.
This is how I did it...
  1. Cut and make a shorts top using the pattern piece from VIEW A of my tights pattern.
  2. Put on your RTW tights and shorts top together so you can see what they are like on.
  3. Place a pin where the new seam would need to be using the shorts top as a guide.
  4. Take off all items and cut the legs off of the RTW tights straight across at the pin mark (it happened to be in line with the crotch for me).
  5. Flatten both the legs identifying the front and back and having the fold at the inside and outside leg.
  6. Turn the shorts top inside out and insert the tights legs with right sides together. Please check and make sure that the legs front and back are facing the right way before the next step.
  7. Line up the inside leg fold with the inside leg seam of the shorts top and pin and pull the outside leg fold to meet the outside leg of the shorts top and pin.
  8. Sew the legs in place stretching to fit the shorts top and that's it!
They will look pretty strange once you have finished, but once on they should be way more comfortable!

You obviously don't need my pattern for this, as this alteration can be achieved with an altered leggings pattern or you could even combine some old leggings that have seen better days with your tights by just chopping the legs off your old leggings a couple of inches below the crotch to make your new tights top.
This method can also work for tights that are too long. Put the tights on pulling the legs up as much as possible and measure the excess on the inside leg. If you are happy with the top area of the tights then just cut the legs off a couple of inches below the crotch and remove the excess length from the top of the legs. Re-attach new shortened legs to the original tights top for new non-sagging tights.
I hope that this was helpful!