Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Completed cable jumper

I have finished another jumper!

I wrote about starting this project here and it has been really good fun to make. I have had a knitting epiphany since writing the patterns for my last two projects from scratch. It has made the process so much more fun and also made the prospect of using up my existing yarn stash much more achievable. I met up with some sewing friends at the weekend and as we were talking about knitting it occurred to me that the reason I find it difficult to dip into my wool stash is a lack of suitable patterns. I went through a phase some years ago of buying discontinued Rowan yarns in the sales. It worked out much cheaper, but then the patterns soon seemed out dated and not what I wanted to knit.

There are some beautiful modern knitting patterns out there that I am dying to try, but I rarely have the correct yarn and I really have too much to justify buying more, especially with the threat of moths that seem to be gunning for my woollens at the moment.

Back to this jumper though. I have to say that I was sitting on the fence about it when I first cast off, as I am unsure of the sleeve length. I feel that they should be shorter and at first  was adamant that they needed changing, but then I proceeded to wear it all day and then the day after that and again today, so I guess they don't bother me as much as I thought. In fact I have been rotating this and my sailors jumper since I finished them. That thing about the yarn stash and not buying any more didn't count for the sailors jumper, as I really wanted it!

The thing about making it up as you go along I find most satisfying is the ease of changing elements as and when you please. I started off with this narrow orange rib hem that got scrapped and replaced with a deeper self coloured rib. I then did the same kind of thing to the jumper front and started with a grey narrow rib border and was intending doing a split hem, but then scrapped that all in favour of the bog standard treatment I ended up with.

This is how I was wearing it today and yes, I do wear this outfit ALOT!

It's a good length for jeans, but maybe a tad too long for dresses, so I have plans for another. Oh yes, this knitting thing isn't going away just yet! I'm going to refer to my self drafted dart less block and make a boxy cropped jumper with set in sleeves and a scooped neckline I think. This could change, but for now that is what I am planning.

It feels so good to use this wool after carting it around for almost 10 years. That is a stupidly long time and I still have some of this left!!! I'm on a mission to use as much of this yarn as possible so am knitting my boy a matching jumper, but I fear I will still have some left. This stash busting is not as easy as it sounds...