Sunday, 11 January 2015

Double Hemlock

This is my Hemlock dress (my favourite free pattern).

I have had this idea in my head for ages and when I ordered this fabric that turned out to be inappropriate for tights samples I couldn't resist. Well, this isn't exactly how I imagined, as I was thinking more about this Madewell dress, but didn't really want to make a carbon copy. So this is more inspired by...

Actually, I still really love that Madewell dress, so may make a similar version yet!

The jersey is a denim look cotton lycra (or so it said). It doesn't feel very cottony or lycra..y, so I'm not convinced and it certainly wasn't stretchy enough for what I wanted, but never mind. It came into it's own in the end. I ordered a metre of black and a metre of blue and as it's double sided there is a whole host of colour blocking options to think of.

I used the light blue on the front and the dark blue on the back, but I'm really regretting that now, as the light blue highlights every lump and bump. Below is how stupid it looks turned back to front. I thought this may offer a solution to my woes, but I don't like how high the neck is.

My other solution id to wear it inside out and pass the overlocked stitches off as a design feature. It's nice and tidy, so I think I may go for it, as this is definitely my preferred view. The black sleeves are simply rolled up offering a nice contrast, don't you think? I did actually spend ages considering the colour blocking and am quite annoyed that I have sewn this (what now appears to be) the wrong way round. Despite that, I can see this being a wardrobe staple, even if I just wear it with leggings around the house.

The next one is the t-shirt as designed with no adjustments. I bought this heavy mustard and very stretchy viscose knit for some tights from Minerva and loved it so much I bought some more! I've now got two pairs of tights and a co-ordinating top. Who'd have thunk it?

Not much to say really, other than this is supremely cosy and a total work horse, as it's good with jeans, skirts, pyjamas.... I really needed a top like this and am over the moon with it.

That's it really! Tomorrow sees the launch of my tights pattern, so I better just go and quadruple check everything and I'll be back here in the morning!