Friday, 30 January 2015

Eley Kishimoto dress and Linden swap!

This month I have had the pleasure of participating in the Linden swap hosted by Carrie and Ingrid. I asked Ute if she would be up for it and I received an amazing package in the post last week. Ute totally got my style and made me a sweatshirt out of a really cool virgin wool knit with cotton ribbing. I seriously don't know where she finds such nice fabrics. Are there better fabric choices in Germany? I've never even come across wool jersey here in the UK, let alone one with such an interesting design, but maybe I need to shop further afield!!!!

I really struggled taking pictures of this as it's so dark outside and I am wearing all dark colours, so I have had a play with the colour levels, which hopefully doesn't make it look too weird. This green wall is actually a photographing nightmare!!!
As well as this beauty Ute had also included a German magazine, which I am unable to read, but is so inspiring. It includes three patterns inside, one of them being this Eley Kishimoto dress. Yes, I have made this already! I happen to love the work of the designers and this particular style is similar in aesthetic to the Japanese sewing book styles I am also fond of. A uni friend Rhian did some work experience with Eley Kishimoto and she took me along to their studio one day as they loaned her some shoes for her final collection. I was able to go into their archive cupboard and have a good look through. That was a great day!

Here is my version of the dress. I made it up in this bargainous sweatshirt fabric. I love how it's been drafted in just two pieces, but the cape sleeve wraps around to the front. The stripes are perfect for this as it highlights the simplicity of the lines.

I made a new pair of Alice tights to go with, natch!
It is quite clingy on the hips because of the sticky sweater knit, so I'm going to have to break out the slip. 

Love, love, love it!

The other two patterns included in the magazine are a coat and bag. I really think the styling is so cool and it makes me want to make the things even though I don't need the things! I wish that more sewing mags looked like this, as this is what I would buy into.

Thanks Ute for being the best swap partner! xxxx


Ute said...

Eeeeek! I am wearing my Linden from you as I type this and I can only give the compliment back to you:Best swap partner! Seeing you in my sweater and the dress makes me very happy! I shall smile for the rest of the day now :-)
You look stunning in the dress and I am so glad I remembered from reading your blog that you love Eley Kishimoto! Maybe one day we can go fabric shopping here! xxx Ute

Marilla Walker said...

I would love that and really hope it will happen one day! Xxxx

Brooke said...

Eley Kishimoto sewing patterns, Aurgh! So awesome, I have to check that out.

Caroline said...

Your dress looks fabulous! Love the sophisticated draping with the stripes.
The lush Linden looks brilliant too. I think I need one of those in my life.

Caroline said...

A simple yet stylish dress, especially love the cape sleeves and the stripes look good too.

Anna said...

If you don't mind sharing, what size Linden do you make? I've been trying to make a 16 but I am having one hell of a time with the ribbing. The neckband is far too wide, think Flashdance falling off the shoulders wide, and the ribbing for the cuffs is so baggy it's awful (there are pics on Instagram).

I can't figure out where the error is, I thought it was my fabric but a second version with very different fabric has the same problems. I took 6 inches off the neck ribbing and it's still too baggy, maybe cotton ribbing just won't work. I'm going to try a wider neckband hoping that it will spring back a bit but I'm finding it very annoying, especially when no one else seems to be having my issues (and yes, I checked the print out, the 3x3 square is fine!). Thanks!

sonia freemantle said...

Love, love, love this dress - well done Rilla! (Mum)

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks mum!

Marilla Walker said...

Hi Anna, I have only made up a size 8 using the sweater fabric for the bands and haven't had any problems, but maybe that's because it's not as stretchy. It's worth contacting the designer with any queries, as it may be something that she'd be interested in hearing.