Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Maya pattern update!

Hello there! I just wanted to write this quick post to inform you that I have re-formatted the Maya pattern, but also updated the sizing, so that it is consistent with any recent/upcoming patterns.

What this means is that the pattern is now available 1 size smaller and 1 size larger than it was before! I have had to re-grade it slightly to be in line with the size guide that I will be using going forward, but this was necessary and means that if you find this style too boxy and wide then there is somewhere to go in terms of sizing down!

The new files were uploaded at the weekend, but if you think you have an old copy and would like this replaced then get in touch through my Etsy shop and I'll trace back to the original sale!

I really hope that this has not inconvenienced anyone at all, as this has been playing on my mind a bit! I really hate having to make changes to something that is already in my shop and just want you to know that I work very hard to make sure that my products are as good as they can be from the beginning. The changes made are to ensure consistency throughout my ever growing collection (a bit pretentious?) and because I am a complete perfectionist, but unfortunately in this case I wasn't perfect!