Sunday, 25 January 2015

My vintage pattern pledge!

I am going to take my vintage pattern pledge a lot more seriously this year. Last year I pledged to sew up three patterns and only managed one, but sewed it up three times (two unblogged) and therefore persuaded myself that I had completed my challenge. This year it is hosted by Kerry and Marie and I am going to be far more rigid (in theory) about my approach. I plan to make at least one item from the following three patterns.

These patterns were sent to me by Cat of Sewing the 60's blog in exchange for some fabric and I am so looking forward to making something. That top one is actually one that she wanted to keep, so she has traced mine by hand and printed the cover envelope and instructions, which makes it even more special!!!

I don't know when or where I'll start, but I've got the whole year to formulate some ideas. How hard can it be??? Ok, so we all know it's hard sticking to a sewing plan, but I really want to try and complete this challenge properly.