Friday, 9 January 2015

Plans for a Freemantle variation!

I most certainly do not need another coat, but the ideas just won't go away, so I think I just need to get this last one out of my system and then I can move on! It's an adaption of my coat pattern, but a very simple one. The collar piece from VIEW B and C has simply been grown onto the VIEW A front. I will then use the sleeves and back from VIEW B, but shorten the hem by 10cm, so the length is somewhere between the coat and the jacket. I might even use the back from VIEW A and end the collar piece at the back raglan seam, but haven't yet decided.

As far as fabric goes, I haven't yet committed to anything. I ordered a wool knit from My fabrics that I was thinking of using, but stupidly didn't order enough. This means I need to either find a contrast for the sleeves, or I've had a crazy idea to knit some sleeves, but time is not on my side for that one. I can't find the exact fabric anymore.

The other fabric I have is a navy and grey that I thought could go some way to making a coat inspired by this gorgeous Toast number.

The other thing is that I am going fabric shopping on the Goldhawk road next Saturday, so may see something there that I may prefer or could co-ordinate with my wool knit.

So, that's what I'm planning and I also thought I would share these other two versions I made prior to the pattern release.

This one is basically VIEW C made up in fleece lined sweater knit. I wear this all the time as an evening cardigan jacket type thing. It's not really part of my usual day style, but is great for feeling cozy.

I hand sewed the front hem in place (unusual for knits I know) and then sewed some thick 2" elastic into the hem channel on the back. I think I folded up more than the hem allowance to make this elasticated bit work, but I like it.

I constructed everything as per the order the instructions, but finished by overlocking the seams together.

Hand sewn front hem...

Elasticated back hem...

To keep the facing from rolling out I topstitched in place from the front by stitching in the ditch around the collar seam.

I simply overlocked the cuff seam and topstitched in place.

This next one was an early sample made at the start of the testing and before the collar piece was part of the pattern. It is still an option to re-create from the pattern pieces, but the sleeves are just a bit cropped and the cuff ribbing longer. I think I'll replace the cuffs on this version as they turned out a bit tight, but I am very fond of this jacket. Looks a bit weird on the stand!

I don't know if you can see, but I quilted the sleeves with straight lines going down the length. I cheated and followed the pinstripes of the underlining. The whole thing is also interlined with some re-purposed micro fleece so that it holds it's yummy shape and gives the fabric a wonderful feel. I am totally pro interlining!

Some more yummy insides for you!

This shows how long the cuffs really are.

I think that's it for me on the Freemantle front for a while, as I don't know when I'll get time to make my planned coat (hopefully in the next month), so ta ta for now!