Friday, 16 January 2015

Sewing socks

I am not sure if this is going to appeal or catch on in any way, but I have sewn some socks using my tights pattern. I have not used any additional pattern pieces, so this is a really simple way of making the most of your jersey scraps as you only need the smallest of fabric pieces.

Paper pattern pieces you will need are...
  • Foot from VIEW A - cut away from the main leg across the ankle
  • Heel turn piece from VIEW A
  • Leggings cuff from VIEW C
Insert the heel turn piece as per the instructions and attach the leggings cuff to the ankle of the foot in the same way as instructed for the leggings hem. Sew the seam from toes to the top of the cuff and fasten off both ends of the seam and you're done! Much quicker than knitting!

I have got lots of very small bits of this wool knit lying around, so am going to make up a few more pairs of striped socks, but I'm thinking that this would be a great way of using up fine knits from your wardrobe if they have seen better days or have gotten a bit moth eaten (damn moths).
Here is another pair I made up!

There are loads of variations of this and you can make them as long or as short as you wish from sports socks to knee highs. You will need to cut a larger cuff for further up the leg and insert some elastic into the channel to keep them up, but you can really go to town and make some amazing socks.
Here are some yummy sock ideas from my pinterest board!
Matching socks and t-shirt anyone???