Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The tights I've made

Obviously I have been on a tights making binge lately, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you.

I managed to find some one off 100% wool knit on eBay, but unfortunately it was an auction item and not a buy it now. I have two colour ways, but the first (a blue and lime green stripe) was an early sample, that is not good enough to show on the blog. This pair are great though! This stuff has 100% stretch, so I followed my on advice when cutting and took 2" off the leg length. I made up the shorts top as per the pattern with no adjustments, because the black cotton Lycra I used has the recommended 50% stretch.

You can see I cut across the grain on the heel turn piece to create a contrast. This is one of my favourite things to do with stripes to highlight pattern pieces and shapes.

A close up of the feet. You can see that they look a bit like re-enactment tights. If you've got any friends into that kind of thing then you know where to direct them!

This pair is a bit crazy really, but I just love the colour. The fabric is a 100% polyester from Minerva and has the recommended 50% stretch. This is VIEW B, my favourite view for sewing really, as it's so blinking quick. VIEW A is quick too, but somehow having more pattern pieces makes it feel less so.

I just love the ribbon tab at the back of the waistband. It has the benefit of making it easy to put your tights without having to check whether or not they are back to front, as well as looking cute.

Now onto my most worn pair. These are made from this Mustard viscose/spandex blend knit from Minerva and are 100% stretch, so I removed 2" from the leg and body rise, as recommended in the instruction booklet. These are so thick and warm and soft, they are a joy to wear. This is one of two and the first pair were made with no adjustment and needed subsequent alterations (advice given in instructions for doing this).

Now these really do have a touch of the re-enactment tights about them, but they are glorious! I couldn't resist adding another shot of that little ribbon tab!

I have been trying out all sorts of different fabrics and think that I now have a good idea of what I like using the most, but that doesn't stop me from making mistakes. As well as the above Mustard viscose knit, Minerva also have some other similar slub textured knits, but heed my warning, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The error was completely my own, as the fabric is 100% viscose and lacking that special 'spandex' ingredient. It has no stretch up the length. I excitedly ordered a grey and a black, as I am keen to get some basic block colours made up, but I'm not even going to bother cutting into it for tights. It's not the tragedy it could be, as it's super jersey and will make a beautiful 'something', but I am still on the hunt for the perfect sludgy dark fabric.

Hopefully when I do find that perfect plain dark knit I can share it with you and we can all rejoice, but until then let me know if you've found an amazing fabric or supplier of good stretch fabric. Ta ta for now!