Sunday, 25 January 2015

Two Maya shirt dresses for the new year!

Here are a couple of Maya dresses that I made as part of the Autumn of 1000 shirtdresses challenge hosted by Idle Fancy. I was in two minds whether or not to blog them as a) I make a lot of Maya dresses and maybe you don't want to see them all and b) I didn't get very good pictures the first time around and only re-photographed one of them. In reading this you'll guess that I decided to go with the post!!!!

I have not been sewing quite so much lately, as knitting is on my mind and I think I am in the grip of a January sewing block. Whenever I approach my sewing area all I can think of is how much stuff I have and how much I want a clear out. It's that start of a new year, out with the old and useless type of thing and is making me veeery un-productive. I have been clearing out unwanted fabric that I will never use and plan to go through sewing and knitting patterns and at least halve my collections if not more.

These dresses are part of that feeling I suppose, as they are both made up of precious fabrics that I did not want languishing in my fabric stash a moment longer. Sometimes a sense of importance gets attached to certain fabrics and the pressure becomes too great when it comes to assigning them a project, so the Maya dress is my fail safe.

This dress is made from a Robert Kaufman chambray I ordered from The Village Haberdashery. They don't seem to have it anymore  but they do have some other lovely ones. It is quite expensive (for me), so I ordered 1.5 metres and squeezed this dress out of it with only minimal waste. I even had to exaggerate the curved hem in order to fit the front and back on, as well as obtain a pattern match. I was willing to sacrifice the dress for a blouse if I couldn't pattern match, as it seems a shame not to make the most of fabric that was an investment of sorts.

Anyway, I couldn't be more pleased with it and it's definitely a good all year round dress! It's perhaps a bit stiffer than what this pattern requires, but hopefully it'll soften with washing. I am wearing it with my grey jersey Alice tights and taupe suede boots and I love the neutral vibe of it all together.

I did mention two dresses didn't I??? Here's a picture of the second. I bought this Liberty cotton twill from Shaukat last summer when I went there with Jenna. I was dithering about it because I'd already seen that Katie had bought some (in a different colourway) and was blatantly copying, but when something's this good you can't leave it behind. This fabric is such good quality however that it is definitely too stiff for this dress. It's still a winner and definitely a new go to dress, but hopefully the wearing will do it good! You can't see the buttons very well, but these were reclaimed from an old shirt dress of my mums, so it feels great to re-use them. I placed the pocket just below my hips on this one for convenient tissue carrying.

Here's a close up of the print which was also used to line the bib of my Merchant and Mills dress.

I guess the benefit of paying a bit more is that I am much more economical with my fabrics and the scraps are minimal to say the least, but I can't afford to shop like this normally. Two very special dresses to start the year with though, so I am pretty chuffed!

By the look of this lot I am going for a very washed out colour palette this year!!!