Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Arrowigan instead of an owligan

I am stash busting this yarn like crazy at the moment! This is some pink Rowan soft tweed yarn that I bought a long, long time ago in the sale. I had already knitted a tank top with the stone colourway and £20 for 10 balls I'd thought I'd got myself a bargain. Trouble is I don't wear pink!!!

I've experienced moments of doubt about whether I should hang onto this yarn, what I should knit with it and even whether I liked what I was knitting, but I have a finished object and that makes me happy. I have been super quick of the blocks and knitted up the owligan pattern that was relased by Kate Davies on Friday. This is one very quick knit designed for bulky yarn and 9mm needles, so is great for beginners wanting to try out a bit of cabling. My yarn was not as bulky and I knit the second size on 8mm needles, but it's worked out perfectly in terms of fit, phew!

Now onto my changes! There is a lack of owls!!! As well as doubts about my yarn, I also doubted that owls were very 'me'. I love them on everyone else, but don't think that I am very owly. I sampled a few different ideas using an arrow motif inspired by a recent obsession with a Guatemalan skirt of my mums. I kept my new cabled motif within the same stitch chart as the owl so that I knew that it would work with the pattern and got to work knitting it.

 I was a bit nervous messing with this design to be honest seeing's as this is an incredibly popular pattern and if it ain't broke why mess with it, but I am really happy with the yoke.

 As well as changes to the yolk I knitted a shorter body and sleeves than the pattern suggests. I really don't like full length sleeves on knits and hip length seems to be the most flattering on me with trousers, skirts and dresses.

I haven't yet settled on buttons, but I have sewn on these mother of pearl ones for now. I only had three in my button box, so will look for another five when I'm in town on Saturday. Although, if I see some nice cobalt blue ones that jump out at me I may get those instead and replace them all. There is a blue and a yellow fleck running through the yarn, so my idea of blue buttons is not completely random.

I'm still not overly convinced that this cardigan is me as I feel it's a bit twee, but it's certainly pretty and flattering, so therefore wearable. I have a feeling that if this was knitted in a mustard yellow or a terracotta colour then I would love it, but I don't have these in my stash!!!!