Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ilsley skirt - free pattern download

Hello lovely ladies! I'm very excited, as not only have I just sent off my upcoming pattern for testing, but I also have this cute little free MULTI-SIZED pattern to share with you (scroll to bottom of page for links).

Whilst I was pinning away on Pinterest for my western style skirt, I was also subconsciously gathering quite a lot of skirt images with curved hems. It all kind of accidentally became a thing and fell into place to become this simple little pattern.

The style is a straight skirt with elasticated waist, pockets and curved hem for ultimate sewing ease, comfort and style (in my opinion).

I have kept it at it's most basic and made it up in this soft linen fabric, but it is ripe for a good pattern hack!

Look how well it goes with my other freebie sailors top pattern?

Here's a pick of the lovely and tidy insides! All totally achievable on a standard sewing machine.
As it's a free download I have included instructions, but they are fairly minimal. Hopefully there's enough there to get you through!
Now onto the bit that I feel a bit awkward about! This is totally obligation free, but I wanted to include a link to my charity fundraising page for anyone who wished to donate to Breast Cancer Care. I thought it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to raise money for a good cause, but do sincerely believe that charity donations are a very personal matter and everyone does their bit in their own way, so am in no way intending to pressure anyone to actually visit my page or make a donation.
Here's the link to my page -
Right now that's out the way, here are some of the pins that got me thinking and could also inspire your own versions. I have not included any links here, but if you want to click through to the image source then go and visit my pinterest board!

How do you get your hands on the download? Just here....
For the printable pattern click here.
For the instruction booklet click here


Meg said...

Cute! Thanks so much for the freebie!

Marilla Walker said...

No worries! It goes with another favourite freebie too, the plantain tee, so there's some good free outfits to be had (minus the fabric) ;-)

StarryA said...

Yay thanks Marilla! Can't wait to sew up a version of this!

Jeanette Archer said...

Fabulous freebie, and I think donating is a great idea. x

Claire said...

You're so productive these days! It's great to watch. And thanks for the free pattern :)

Kathryn said...

This is lovely, and so generous of you! I love that brown skirt you've pinned & would love to try this pattern in a brown suedette or moleskin - just need to find some fabric now!

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Jeanette and Claire! Xxx

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Kathryn! Can't wait to see your brown version when you find the fabric (and the time) ;-) I love that shade of brown at the moment. It seems to be a colour I always go back to. Xxx