Wednesday, 18 February 2015

jeansy skirt

I am currently developing a new sewing pattern and it is based on an item that has a consistent presence in my wardrobe...the denim skirt!!! There is never not a denim skirt in my basic wardrobe and for years I have done that thing that everyone does (don't they?) and turned old jeans into skirts. I normally do the standard thing of unpicking the inside leg seam to create an A-line and inserting a triangle of denim to close the centre front and back, but my new pattern is actually the kind of skirt I would have preferred to have made, but for some reason didn't!

It is an A-line knee length skirt with western style detailing (a jeans skirt) that sits at the natural waist. I am still about a month or so from release, but this is the finalised design and there will also be a maxi length option in true nineties throw back stylee. Think 70's/90's vibe and that's pretty much where I'm heading with this, but don't let my labelling put you off!

In case you were wandering this sample has been made from completely recycled materials. I made use of the fabric from a pair of my husbands old jeans, a maxi skirt and some denim scraps left over from a previous project. The seams on the front panels are misleading as they are not part of the pattern, but in fact the outside leg seam of the original jeans. You all know by know how much I love denim and different tones of blue and I had been saving these garments to use on a special project such as this. I am also trying to be a bit more environmentally aware when producing samples, as I can tear through fabric perfecting a style. I am calling this a sample, but actually it's now my skirt.

The different blues do help to highlight all of the style lines, such as the pocket shapes.

I have whacked on some large back pockets. I can't stand pockets that are too small, as they make my bottom look more expansive than it needs to look!

I love recycling denim. It has such a divine feel to it and already has the worn look that I like. It is so easy to get hold of too. I mean I had been squirreling items away as and when, but similar items to the ones I cut up could easily be found in any charity shop. The quality of the denim is better and cheaper than buying the yardage.

Here are some examples of how you can also re-use old denim to make uber cool new clothes.

The first sample I made to check the details was this one made of a light weight chambray. Things have been tweaked since, but I love the lightweight of it. This will be perfect for the summer with stripey tops and clogs.

 So, there is still some work for me to do and I still need to try out the maxi version, but it is not too far from being a thing. I do however need a handful of testers, so if this looks like your kind of thing then pop me an email and let me know your waist and hip measurements. I am particularly looking for anyone with a waist that measures between 82-104cm. I hope to be able to send out the pattern by the 28th Feb and will be hoping for feedback a couple of weeks after that, so if you think you could be available then pop me an email at rillafree at Hotmail dot com.

I now have enough testers, but thank you so much for your responses! I am very grateful :-) xxx

Here are some mood images from my Pinterest board to leave you with. Loving the image with the trainers!!!