Sunday, 8 February 2015


I finally got around to printing out this pattern and sewing up some basics!

For those who do not immediately recognise the pattern it is the free Plantain tee from Deer and Doe.

I have been collecting and squirreling some nice jerseys away for a while now and most of my RTW jersey items are ready to go on the big scrap heap in the sky, so what better time to start cutting?

Not going to go into too much detail here, as I made no alterations to the pattern in terms of fit. I really like the shape and how it skims over any bumpy bits, so had no cause to tamper.

This first one is made from a lovely wool/viscose jersey in a tobacco colour. It's lovely to work with and fine, but very stable. I started out sewing on a black neckband to go with the black patches, but it was all getting a bit retro Star Trek for my liking. The black jersey is also tissue thin and did not sew on evenly for the neckband. I simply cut the seam off and added the self-coloured one instead.

 This next one is my favourite! I cut them all with the cropped sleeve length as I only had a metre of each fabric to work with and added some cuff bands to this one in the contrasting black. The grey and black are the same viscose slub tissue knit jersey, but I used the Tobacco wool/viscose for the neck band, as I was unsure about getting an even finish using the black. It was a last minute decision, but I really like the three colours together.

I wasn't going to add elbow patches to any versions, but got persuaded after my attempts on the first one. I just stitched them on with a narrow zig zag on my sewing machine and luckily they fall in just the right place!

This last one is the same type of fabric as the Tobacco (wool/viscose mix), but this time in a Mustard colour which is fighting with the painted background for a place in this photo.

I added cuff bands on again, but deeper than the previous tee. This does make the sleeves a tad too long for me, as I am not a full length kind of girl. I just find they get in the way all the time when I try and do anything practical. I think I'll leave them, but my options are to cut them off and hem the ends as normal, or cut them off, reduce the depth and then re-attach so that they are a more acceptable (to me) length. Either way, it's a wardrobe staple.

I really like how these turned out and am definitely going to use this pattern a lot in the future. I think I may have finally made enough Hemlocks and for now I'm favouring the more feminine lines of the Plantain. I do really like RTW t-shirts still and am not opposed to buying them if I see one I like, but it's good to have a go to pattern. I sew like I shop, which basically means that if I like a style I want to replace it with exactly the same once it's worn out. The security of sewing my own means that I can always replace them, but change the colour or pattern of the fabric.