Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weekend Doris dress!

I was a pattern tester! For the first time ever I was the tester for a pattern and it is this lovely Weekend Doris dress that I had the pleasure of trying out!

I'm not sure how well I did at the testing bit, but I sure do like the pattern. Suitable fabrics as per the pattern are supposed to have stretch in, but after reading the designers blog post about her success with a woven here I could not resist breaking the rules and trying out this lovely cord. This fabric is actually left over from one of my previous pattern samples and I even cut said sample up to make up enough fabric, but I'm really pleased I did as this is the cosiest dress in town!

The pattern itself is very easy to use and so reminiscent of vintage, easy sew shift dresses. It's a lovely shape and comes together quickly with no fit issues and has no fastenings. I got away with the no fastenings just about on the woven as it does pull over my head, but if you're worried about hair and make-up then you may want to pop a zip in!

The pockets are nice and deep, so perfect for shoving hands in and storing lots of hair clips and tissues (that's what I keep in my pockets). I lengthened the dress by approx. 20cm as I was unsure I would wear the pattern length. It looks better with a belt made up longer, but the shape curves in at the waist, so there is not unnecessary bulk to gather in under a belt.

The sleeves (apart from the length), were the only pattern piece I modified for a woven. After reading Jeanette's blog post I added about 10cm to the bottom of the sleeve width and drew a straight line up to the underarm. I also omitted the sleeve cuffs in favour of a turned up hem.

I think m version has quite a different feel to other tester versions I have seen due to the fabric choice and additional length (obvs), but I'm looking forward to making this up again in a linen for the summer. The only change I would make next time if using a woven would be to cut the neck band on the bias, but I had no fabric left to accommodate that for this dress. Alternatively it would look nice with a faced neckline or bias binding, who knows!!!
The pattern has officially been relased today, so pop over to for more details on how to get your hands on it.
BTW, I took these photos early last week, but am actually wearing this exact outfit right now!