Sunday, 8 March 2015

Big spring coat!

I'm not quite done with this coat thing! This might be my most perfect me-made coat yet!!!

A coat for Spring is what I was after, so going back to my Freemantle coat pattern (yet again, sorry peeps) I went about adapting it for a lighter weight coat. I didn't change much other than creating a round neckline, but did lengthen the coat and sleeves as well as adding a back split. I shall go into details of the modifications in another post though as it's too much to go into today.


The dreamy fabric that I used for this coat was sent to me by a very dear friend (yes, you Lucy). It is a very good quality brushed cotton drill fabric and is so thick and soft it is totally perfect. Apparently it is used by Barbour and I can well believe that, so you could say that I now have a Barbour coat!!! I was very careful not to mis-use this on an unworthy project and used every last scrap to make this (I literally had to piece scraps together for one of the pocket facings).

 I am a long term lover of the parka coat and the night I met my husband was also the night I lost my most favourite parka ever :-(. You win some you lose some I guess! I have been searching for a replacement in the 6 years since, but have never quite met it's match. Could this be it? It's not got a hood like my old one, but it's long, dark, and completely covers my clothes. I know some people don't like clothes that swamp them or hide their bodies, but I like to be completely cocooned in a coat when I leave the house.

I added a back split for some subtle parkaness.

The buttons were vintage ones from my stash and were obviously waiting for this coat to be made.

Pretty insides! I only bound the (newly created) centre back seam open and bound all other seams together.

The sleeves are bias bound on the ends and simply rolled up for a casual cuff finish.

I topstitched the top edge of the welt pocket to attach it to the coat front. I did this instead of catch stitching, as I don't like catch stitching to a single layer of fabric and this pattern calls for underlining, which I didn't do.

 Am I done with coats? I think so, but  have been pinning some belted coats similar to the wide sleeve silhouette below and it makes me want to try this pattern up as a dress.

So, some pattern mods to follow, but the weather is getting springy and I think that some lighter clothes are on the sewing menu in the near future. Anyone else making Spring coats?


Sewingsu said...

Another amazing creation by you! I love the length and the buttons of your spring coat!

Marilla Walker said...

Ah, thanks! I try and go for shorter coats from time to time, but always return back to the longer length. I am most pleased with the buttons and can hardly believe I had something so perfect already! ;-)

Kirsty said...

I really love the round neckline on this! Love love love x

Bellbird said...

Gorgeous! I particularly love the combination of the round neck, raglan lines and big buttons. A shorter jacket version like this would be neat too. Very cool!

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Kirsty and Bella! xxx

Scruffybadger said...

Lovely! I think this is my favorite so far!! The fabric looks gorgeous, perfect for the use you made of it.

Lucy said...

Now that is a lovely coat! I'm so glad I saved that fabric and gave it a loving new home! It looks perfect on you Marilla. That Houndstooth coat is dreamy too, well done you clever lady. You look lovely xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE this! The color is perfect on you and the fabric is dreamy! I really like the giant buttons, too. Seriously cool! I'd like to make some spring coats, buuuuuut I've had to get real with myself... my coat closet is bursting at the seams and I just don't have room for any more!! :(

Marilla Walker said...

Oh god, I hear you with the coat closet! I've made far too many coats recently and have to stop, but I love coats sooo much. I probably love coats more than any other garment, as they are basically your outfit when you leave the house in winter, but that doesn't mean I need them aaaalll. I'll stop soon, promise!!!