Friday, 10 April 2015

Chambray Mathilde blouse

Happy belated Easter everyone! I have just come back from a glorious sunny week in Wales(Pembrokeshire to be exact) and the weather has been fantastic and such a surprise considering what it has been like in the lead up to us going away.

As I was getting ready to pack I was struck by an unbelievable desire to sew a new top. It was the kind of irrational, panic sewing that I imagine every sewist gets struck by from time to time. I literally taped the Mathilde blouse pattern together during the kids naps the day before we went away and cut and sewed it after they went to bed.

Luckily for me it all went together pretty easy and I finished the insides with tidy French seams to save me using the overlocker. The only seams that aren't enclosed are the armholes which are finished with a zig zag stitch.

A design choice which was born from both saving time and personal preference was to make the sleeves bell instead of cuffed. I'm really pleased with the silhouette and think I shall probably do these in future if I ever make this top again.

The fabric is hand printed by moi using stamps carved with shapes I used to create my Maya pattern cover. It is all inspired by my garden and the shapes were created when I was looking out of my window one day, so there you go! I have made no attempt to pattern match, as this is not printed to an exact repeat and that kind of thing does not keep me awake at night!!!

I did feel that the back of the armholes were a wee bit close when I first tried it on, but when I went to wear the top felt a lot better in it, but looking at this picture of the back makes me think I was right in the first place, so would maybe make some adjustments here next time.

To further save time I sewed buttons on the back, but did not make buttonholes so they are completely non-functional. This is not a problem as the top fits easily over my head without unbuttoning. They are reclaimed from an old cardi, so I took great pleasure in re-purposing them!

The verdict is that I love this top and was so glad that I made it for the holiday. I wore it on no less than 3 days of the 6, so it was definitely worth investing my precious last hours at home sewing instead of doing anything useful for anyone else ;-)

Here's a snap of the family in their entirely weather inappropriate clothes. We did take the kids jeans off after this and roll their sleeves up for a paddle in the sea!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend bank holiday and sun too!