Sunday, 12 April 2015

My first vintage pattern pledge - skirt simplicity 4899

I have been making this skirt for aaggggeeess. I cut it out some time in February I think (not sure when), but it was in the midst of making Evan skirt samples and finalising that pattern, so I was all skirted out before I started. I almost went off of it completely, as I felt like another skirt was the last thing I needed, but I picked it back up again a few weeks ago and removed it from the WIP pile.

The pattern is Simplicity 4899 and was leant to me by sewing pal Jenna who made it up last summer here. It's such a great little pattern that I will certainly make up again in a denim (surprise) and is dead easy to construct with no zips. I was actually annoyed with myself for leaving it on my pile for so long as this really is a quick make.

The fabric is an ebay purchase and was listed as a vintage wool twill, but there were several colour ways available that all look to be sold out now. It has a very soft brushed finish and is quite narrow in width. The print runs in both directions of the cloth (up and down), which meant that I could cut either way. I'm not sure I'm particularly fond of prints that do that when it's pictorial like this, but it doesn't bother me too much. I opted to not try and pattern match the centre front seam and cut as per the pattern, but I regret this now. The pattern has you cut the side seam parallel with the grain and the centre seam off grain, but I should have followed my instincts cut the centre front with the grain to allow it to match. I would have cut on the fold, but the fabric was too narrow for that. It's not clear in the above picture, but the centre front seam looks a mess!

The skirt is a wrap around which fastens with buttons on the back (I have yet to sew these on...oops). You can see the wrapped panel better down in the next photo. When I was cutting it did not look like it would offer enough coverage, but when I'm wearing it I don't feel I'm in danger of exposing myself. Maybe best not worn on a really windy day...

Despite my car crash of a centre front seam, I did take particular care over pattern matching the pockets. I love the pockets of this skirt and they are really easy to do.

I'm meeting up with some sewing ladies next weekend and am thinking that this may be the perfect outfit to wear if the weathers half decent. It's comfy and soft, but I feel like I've made a bit of an effort to look nice.

I am slowly getting back into skirts having given them some distance since having children. They seemed like hard work whilst I was still breast feeding, or at least harder work than throwing on a dress or jeans and shirt, but now I'm past all that I'm back on the skirt. The only problem is that my waist does not seem to like my old skirts and has not reformed back to it's pre-baby state, so I need lots of new ones. Oh well!!!