Monday, 25 May 2015

hand printed 'named' bly overalls

Hello there! Long time no write, but I have not had much to write about lately having been parted from my sewing machine for one reason or another. I'm back with a bang though and have just made something that I can't wait to tell you about!

I was contacted by 'my fabrics' a while ago and after some deliberation took them up on their offer of free fabric. I went for this linen with the intention of printing on it and making something to wear over the summer. I screen printed it with a grassy design and was fully geared up to try out some Turia dungarees, but changed my mind at the last minute when I was reminded of the Bly overalls by 'Named'. I have bought both patterns and hope to make the Turias at some point, but for now the Bly overalls just seem much more me. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but this pattern excites me so much.

The details are so cute! I love the button front placket (even though I messed up my button hole placement a bit) and the straps are really flattering the way they come round close together at the front and are tapered to be wider at this point.

The back is equally flattering with the low trouser waistband and long straps. Something that bothers me about the Turias how much the back straps cover the back. I like the curves of my back to be on show in a garment that could otherwise look quite frumpy on my shape.


The front pockets are super sleek too and so easy to construct without any topstitching.

As far as fit goes, these are totally spot on! I have made the Named Wyome jeans with a lot less success in the sizing department, so decided to size up to a UK16 for these. I measured the largest part of my thighs and went with this for my hip measurement. My thighs are a good couple of inches bigger than my hips.

I have mentioned this time and again before, but I do not follow instructions. I just can't do it! I much prefer to look at the puzzle before me and work out how I'm going to put it all together and these did go together really well.

Let me tell you about some of my favourite bits that make me smile.

These buttons are a recent find. I don't normally buy new buttons for projects, preferring to raid my vintage stash, but when I happened upon Textile Garden recently I went of piste and ordered a few sets of buttons these being one of the sets. I had just enough for these overalls (one less than stated in the pattern) and they are a perfect match.

I also had a play at hand painting some of the scraps of fabric which I then used for the bib lining pieces and waistband facing.

Love this bit!

A dinosaur for my sons benefit!

Back to the fabric. The linen fabric is probably what I would call a medium weight and perfect for this kind of thing or a jacket, but maybe too heavy for a summer dress. It printed really well and evenly and was a dream to sew. It obviously creases easily, as any linen does, but I kind of like that for a relaxed feel.

The sewing pattern I used is amazing and I hope to make at least one more pair in a light denim. I'm just really surprised that this has not already caught the attention of the blogosphere, as it's adorable!!! I haven't been able to find any images of these made up anywhere else other than on raystitch's Instagram feed.

Next up is to make this top from the 'casual sweet clothes book' in some black silk jersey from the Cloth House mega sale recently. I made it last year in a linen fabric, but am dying to make it in a more drapey fabric. I think the fluttery sleeves would look spectacular with the overalls.

Anyway, that's me out of my mega sewing rut. Who else is going to try this pattern out???
P.S. I do still love the Turia's and will make them up soon, but maybe with a low waistband at the back and long straps like these ;-)