Monday, 1 June 2015

Apron dress and apron

I am loving all the pinafore everything that is about at the moment! I loved wearing dungarees and apron dresses when I was a teenager and have not really lost my affection for such things as I've gotten older. There is a dress in 'Stylish dress book - simple smocks, dresses and tops' which I have been eyeing for a while and was recently reminded of it when I saw Anna's version on Instagram. I had previously seen it made up by Maddie (very cute) and then promptly forgot to make it!

So here it is...

It is dress G in case you are wondering and it is super quick to make! I traced the pattern and cut my fabric on Saturday night and whipped it together within an hour of sewing last night.

It is loose through the body and was even a bit baggy under the arm until I removed a 1" wedge either side, but oh so comfy. I had an almost identical summer dress until very recently that was essential on very hot summer days. It was even a similar print and colour, so maybe that's why I subconsciously reached for this fabric!!!

No fastenings or tricky finishes makes this a breeze and totally suited to both thicker and thinner fabrics. Obviously I am imagining denim and cord, but maybe Linen or something more slinky would work too. Ooh, that's a good idea for a loose, posh occasion dress.

I made the length as per the pattern, but personally I would like to go either shorter or ankle length. I think the loose, beltless look is better without a top underneath.

I love the back strap shape!

There's also a cheeky back pocket for pocket lovers!

Some more pictures of the back and beltless look.

I think there's a lot of fun to be had with the length and fabric choice and I'm keen to make up some winter versions to wear with some shirts and thick tights. Makes me excited about winter sewing (behave).

Whilst I was in an apron/pinny type mood I cut and made up a really simple apron to protect my clothes when I'm printing. Too many accidents have prompted the need for one. I originally had an idea to make one like this, but new I would take an age to get around to making a pattern. It would also have used considerably more fabric, so I opted for a simple rectangle with bib shaping to the top. Pretty standard, but cute!

The linen I used is a beautiful duck egg green and cream stripe with heavy embroidery on the green (hard to make out). It is probably way too good for what I'm going to use it for, but it was 50p from a car boot sale and the only suitable weight in my stash that I was willing to sacrifice. I only used half, so have half to stroke, but it's a bit too fancy for me really anyway. I'm kind of glad to just get on and use it for something, even if it will get covered in dye!

Does anyone else just love how aprons look with jeans???

So, no signs of me easing up on the bib front sewing, but I'm enjoying myself so don't care! I hope you're enjoying sewing too! x