Thursday, 11 June 2015

My print voice!

What have I been doing lately? Printing, printing, printing that's what! I have started listing bits in my shop and have even sold a couple of pieces (yay), so things are all good. There is always a process of development with any skill that you wish to take further which takes time and resources, so I guess I'm discovering my voice and confidence the more I experiment.

I am not new to print by any means. Textile design is my first love over anything else and is primarily what I went to university to study, but I have never truly immersed myself specifically in print like I am currently. It is taking me a while to loosen up and express myself in the way I wish, which is not an unusual feeling. I went through a period in my twenties of not drawing very much and I felt really clammy and tight when I tried to get back into it, like I didn't know how to draw. FYI, I think everyone can draw or enjoy drawing, it's just about finding your level of enjoyment.

Anyway, after starting out a little tight and restrictive with my prints I feel I am now finally starting to loosen up and express myself in a way that makes me happy!

I am currently combining techniques such as stencilling block and screen printing to create fun shapes and textures and am sourcing vintage fabrics to use as my base. Vintage materials offer the quality I'm after at a price that is not eye watering and also kind to the environment. I want my prices to be both fair to myself and the customer, so this is a great way of achieving that.
I've got some fun pieces in the pipeline. Some are really large and great for interior soft furnishings and other smaller pieces for dressmaking etc... Also, got a future sewing pattern in the works that I am mega excited about, but I have alooooot more work to do on that, so will be a little while before I can show you more.
I guess that's me for now! Happy Thursday everyone!