Tuesday, 14 July 2015

selfless sewing

Selfless sewing is not one of my strengths I must admit, but I have been trying to make an effort to provide clothing for my nearest and dearest. I certainly enjoy seeing them wearing the things I make, but definitely struggle with the initial motivation. I'm sure you understand...

First up is the most recent and intensive make, the Jedediah shorts. First of all, what an amazing pattern and cut. I am so pleased with how these turned out. They are super flattering and not at all run of the mill (in my opinion). I do find some of the bigger pattern companies totally uninspiring when it comes to menswear, but these are spot on! I did come a cropper with my choice of fabric though, as I used a very tightly woven brushed cotton twill. Amazing quality, but absolutely resistant to needles or being made into anything full stop! That aside, I hope that these will wear really well. The only other thing is that my waistband piece came up too short. I cut it straight from the print out so no tracing errors. I'm not totally confident it wasn't my mistake, but a few other people said they also had the same problem, so it may be an issue with a particular size maybe? I made the 34 waist FYI.

The only other thing I want to go back and do is a bar tack at the pocket opening. It is in the instructions to do so, but I didn't because my machine was just saying no. I can see they are not going to withstand all the junk that James stores in them though, so need to do something. I had to hand stitch the top of the belt loops, so maybe I'll do the same to secure the pockets.

Next up, I have been doing some kiddy sewing. I have been enjoying sewing for the girl lately having made her very few things to date. I've been happy for her to wear all of Evans hand me downs really, but now that she is developing her personality more it seems only right to dress her a bit differently.

I made this little dress out of stripe jersey scraps left over from my sailors tee and I am pretty jealous I can't wear it actually.

It was just a simple self draft that I'm going to use for t-shirts, sweater dresses and maybe some cardis for the winter.

I also made her a little cotton top using my sailors top pattern. I printed it out at a really small scale by accident last year and made my son a t-shirt which fitted really well, so decided to try it out on a woven top. I added a bit extra to the width of the body and sleeves to make getting it on and off a bit easier and created a button placket to the back. I also integrated the shoulder gussets into the main body, so it's a boxy top with a square neckline. Simple!

 The buttons can be worn to the front or the back, so I plan to use this for a little jacket pattern for her for the Autumn.

The boy was in desperate need of some t-shirts, so I whipped him up a set of three and also three pairs of shorts (not these shorts, these wouldn't be quick!). The jersey was mainly from the cloth house mega sale (still got loads of that to use) and the chambray for the shorts was all refashioned from unworn clothes. A quick solution, but they will get worn for ages by both the boy and then the girl.

This awful photo shows them all wearing me-made t-shirts! James is wearing the Metro tee another fab fit and the kids are wearing self drafts, Evans shorts are the free Oliver and S sunny day shorts, which are brilliant and are graded to last until these two are quite a lot older.

So that's what's been keeping me busy lately as well as pattern stuff, but it's nice to have a change. I plan to make selfless sewing part of my routine, so that I don't feel overwhelmed by everyone (the kids) running out of clothes, but only time will tell!