Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Freemantle coat

Back on sale after some requests to buy. Sorry for the back tracking, but I just want to emphasise the fact that there is a lot of hand sewing in the construction, so if that's not your thing then beware!!!

Hi there, a short announcement to say that I have decided to discontinue my Freemantle coat pattern. It will remain in the shop until this Friday the 25th September and then that will be it!

I am very fond of it, especially as Freemantle is my maiden name, but I just don't think I have pitched it right in terms of the construction. It is a fun fashion style and the construction is quite involved with lot of hand sewing, which may not appeal to the majority of sewists.

Ah, I feel a bit sad really to say goodbye to it, but time to move on I suppose! I love making and designing coats, so expect to see another one from me at some point. Maybe not in time for this winter as I probably should have started it already, but definitely for next year!


Meg said...

I LOVE my Freemantle coat, and it gets a ton of wear and compliments. Can't wait to see what you produce next!

Marilla Walker said...

Ah thanks Meg, I still love the pattern so much! I'm still pondering what to do with it as it's a shame to abandon it. I'm thinking of amending the instructions for sweater knit and also a lightweight coat as I think it always sews up really well like this. We shall see though!

Unknown said...

Just had to check to make sure that I still have my Fremantle coat pdf safe and sound - I'm looking forward to making it up - I LOVE the giant houndstooth one you made, and also adore the one Ute made, and have bought myself a few different fabric options. Didn't get to it this winter (I'm in Sydney) but I'm hoping to have it made up and ready to go when cold weather returns - winter always departs rather suddenly down here (it's only spring here right now, but over the next few days it's due to hit 37 degrees C - I definitely do not see a coat being needed till Easter next year).