Friday, 9 October 2015


It's here, it's here!!!

I may not have been blogging much lately, but I sure have been sewing up a storm. Let me introduce you all to my latest pattern, the Roberts collection!

I am not going to hold back. I really love this pattern and have been living in all the variations. The luxury of working for myself means that I can design what I want to wear, which is never more true than with this pattern. It is everything I never knew I was looking for.

There are four and a half options to choose from (view C has two different skirt lengths, so I'm calling that a half) and all are really easy to wear. I have sewn the jumpsuit, dungarees and dungaree dress all up in denim and they are total jeans substitutes. I love the look of jeans, but I'm not a fan of waistbands. I also love the idea of jumpsuits, but have never found 'the one'...until now!

Make no mistake, this style is oversized and baggy with a very roomy leg in the trouser options, but if that's your thing then go for it!


This is the style that kick started the pattern and if I was forced to pick a favourite then this would be it. The v-neckline has a sweet curved shaping that is really flattering and an over all loose, straight, baggy fit. Going by my actual measurements I made an overall size 3 that is graded out to a size 4 just at the pocket opening. My hips fit into the size 3 range, but my thighs don't!!!

I am tempted to go one or two sizes bigger with cropped leg for a really cool baggy fit. If I am tempted then I'll probably do it, so I'll keep you posted ;-)


This style is drafted from the same trousers as view A, but with a separate bib pattern piece that tapers in at the waist to pull it in a bit. The straps are slim for a contemporary streamlined look and can be made as a full outfit with view D.


All the same top half as view C in the back shaping, bib and straps, but with a separate A-line skirt. The silhouette is much closer to the body than the previous two options and is a really lovely addition to the pattern. Everyone loves a dungaree dress right? There is also a midi skirt length included in the pattern. I shall share my version with you all either tomorrow or early next week, as my version has some really simple modifications that I want to share.

A really simple adaption of the jumpsuit bodice in view A, this woven t-shirt has a plain V-neck, slightly A-line side seams and back seam detail.

The pattern can be purchased here.

I really hope you guys love this pattern as much as I do. I'm sure not everyone will (it's not humanly possible), but I have tried hard to offer as much as I can from one pattern as well as making it easy to use. I want to have more of a play and try out some more ideas that of course I'll share, but in the mean time I think there's plenty to be getting on with.

Fabric info - I used this medium weight denim here. It has a medium weight, but is soft to work with and has a nice drape. It says it has a slight stretch, but I would say it's very slight/not stretchy at all (not the same with their black colourway, that is stretchy)! If you were to buy this too then I would definitely recommend a couple of pre-washes, as the colour transfer is quite bad without!

Fabric suggestions for the pattern are as follows, but similar weights to those recommended would also be suitable.

VIEW A - Light to medium weight denim, cotton twill, linen, viscose, medium weight cotton
VIEW B - Light to medium weight denim, cotton twill, linen, corduroy
VIEW C - Light to medium weight denim, cotton twill, linen, corduroy
VIEW D - Cotton, linen, viscose, silk, rayon

I shall leave you with these outdoor pictures that I took in the eternal hunt for good natural light!


Have a good weekend everyone! xxx