Saturday, 10 October 2015

Roberts pattern - view C midi length

Hello, me again so soon!

Here is the midi length version of view C from my new Roberts pattern (link to pattern in side bar).

As I mentioned in the previous post I made some pattern modifications to this when I was sewing up the sample. Basically I had sewn this dress a gazillion times (no exaggeration) and I threw a sewing wobbly and flat out refused to make the front pockets from the pattern. I have two versions of this dress in this fabric already at the shorter length, 1 final and 1 before the final pattern changes, so this is the outcome of my rebellion.

I have omitted the side popper fastening completely as it goes over the head really easily and like I just mentioned I have sewn a plain skirt front with no side pockets. A dress with no pockets is not very practical though, so I instead added some slanted patch pockets. Not mega changes really, but it was enough to quench my thirst to sew something different.

I really like this length and can see it going really well with thick tights and ankle boots with maybe a striped t-shirt or thin jumper underneath.

Damn that twisted strap!!! I can't believe I didn't notice that!

Ok, I'm updating the post because that twisty strap is driving me crazy! Here's my non twisted strap and outfit of the day today!

I made a straight size 3 for this sample when I have previously graded out to a 4 at my thighs, but I think I will grade out to a 4 again for future versions. This is comfy and a nice fit, but I think I'd prefer a smidge more fabric there.

My measurements are:
bust - 94cm 37"
waist - 76cm 30"
hips - 99cm 39", but then the widest part of the top of my legs is actually 109cm 43". I don't much like admitting that bit!

If you want to get rid of the front pockets too then all you need to do is lay your pocket facing piece underneath the skirt front at the pocket opening, line up the notches and pin together to form an uninterrupted skirt front.


I'm not sure how visible this is, but I really like this over locked finish on the selvedges. More so on the trousers, but I threaded the needle threads in white and the other two threads in a coral colour. It looks nice when the trouser legs are turned up! Another nice finish for turn ups if your don't have an over locker is to bind the raw edges with a narrow binding.

In other news, the next issue of Love sewing magazine is out this week and I have a pattern in there!

It is an update to my free sailors top. The garment is no longer just made up of rectangles and triangles, the underarm gussets have gone completely and it is graded to more sizes. The sleeves are wider and although written for jersey is roomy enough to be made in a woven. I need to make up a woven version myself so that I can share it on here, but I love the sample in the magazine. It is made from a girl Charlee jersey, but I did not keep it as I made up a small size for the magazine. There was enough left over to whip up a top for me though and the colour of the stripes is gorgeous!

The free version is still available on my blog for any international sewists and I am wearing it in my little profile pic, but it is obviously a bit different! A great exercise in how you can make a pattern from the most simple of shapes!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this pinafore dress, the skirt is less flared than the Apron Dress I made and it looks smarter too. The slanted pockets add a nice touch. I bought the magazine for your Sailor Dress pattern and hope to make this soon. I must buy your Roberts pattern too. I love your style!

Marilla Walker said...

Oh yes it's a lot closer fitting! Ah, thanks for buying the mag, I hope you enjoy the pattern! x

Anonymous said...

I plan on making the shorter version out of lightweight denim. The jumpsuit version will be made in a linen/rayon blend and I would love to make a dungaree version out of black lightweight twill *sigh* So many lovely things from this fabulous pattern.

I. Love. It!!

Jess said...

Hi Marilla,

Love the pattern. I just read in Jo Sews blog about the yellow dungaree dress and I love that baggy version so much ...
Would you do a tutorial on how to adjust the pattern to get the baggy silhouette like Jo sewn in the yellow one?
Thanks so much ...

Marilla Walker said...

Hi Sarah, you are so sweet! Can't wait to see what you make!

Marilla Walker said...

Hi Jess,

Basically if you go up a size then you've pretty much got it! If you want to add little front pleats into the skirt front then slash the skirt from top to bottom at the notch on the top edge and spread the pieces 2cm apart. Then you can just follow the instructions for the trousers for the order of sewing the pleat. Does that make sense?

Jess said...

I think so ... I might give it a try and ask you again if I'm stuck or need help ...
Thanks Marilla ... Have a great week ...

Melissa said...

Ooooh, yes, View C is what I will make! I saw Jo's version and I recall one of the Pinterest inspiration look that you had. I am thinking of a baggy linen piece...I need to hunt for the right linen. I can't wait to see what people will make from this collection, Marilla!

Linda said...

Love this pinafore dress! It looks fab on you, especially with the stripy top underneath.