Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas jeans and things

Here's a mini round-up of some of the sewing and gift making I've been working on this month.

I set myself a list at the beginning of, or just before the start of December of things I would like to make for Christmas this year. It was a fairly big list (for me) and I ticked off most of it, but it was not set in stone so I was not really under much 'real' pressure.

The last thing I made and the one I was putting off most were some jeans for my husband. This was actually the only real item that I definitely wanted to complete and the one I added the most pressure to. Here they are in action!!!! We are decorating the living room as we speak and I didn't have the heart to make him stop for photos.

The pattern is the Jedediah pants pattern with mods to make them more 'jeansy'. I knew from the shorts I made him over the summer that the sizing was generous, so I removed some width from the waist to hip area straight away, as well as widening the bottom hem (James had previously expressed that he was not keen on too slim a leg). I also created new shaping to the front pocket and drew a new pocket facing. I did also spread the pocket bag at the centre by a few centimetres to make it a bit more roomy whilst I was there.

The only other thing of note was to reduce the seat curve and make it less sharp. I thought that jeans could benefit with a bit more room, so I made it similar in shape to James' RTW jeans.

I had some last minute concerns after I was informed that I was referencing the 'wrong' RTW jeans from our wardrobe, but they fit!!! There is some pulling at the front pocket where I perhaps took too much from the sides, but he says they are comfy and I'm calling them a success. They have been worn every day since Christmas day so what more could I ask for? The t-shirt is also part of his pressie and is the Metro T-shirt.

BTW, the topstitching was done threading two spools of gutterman all purpose thread through the machine and actually worked better for me than using the thicker standard topstitch thread and looks a lot softer. The denim is a lovely fabric bought from Goldhawk road when I met Jo and I wish I had much moooore.

I made two t-shirt twin packs. One for James and one for my dad, as well as several tops for the kids and put little ribbon labels in them all. This cute space ribbon is from Textile garden, which is fab for cute haberdashery.

For the kids I made various bits and bobs, but one of the things I'm really pleased with is these simple blankets. The top fabric is part of Lizzy Houses Natural History collection from Backstitch shop. The butterflies are for Maria and the Dinos for Evan. I really love that they come in the same colourway, but are different designs and I'm pleased to report that they are permanent fixtures on their beds! My two definitely like comforters and things to snuggle up with, so I was hoping they would like these.

Lots of dinosaurs flying about this Christmas and here is Evan with his favourite toy from Santa (a roaring T-rex) and their new dino PJ's.

I made some other things too which I won't bore you with, but overall it seemed to hit the mark!

One thing I didn't have time to finish was this little play house. It took four coats of paint to cover any marks from it's previous use as bathroom cabinets and I really just ran out of time. You can faintly see on the stairs two chocolate coins and two balloons for blowing up, which is what the kids first saw on Christmas morning. They had a little play with this and then after breakfast we went to get the good stuff (the real toys) under the tree. Luckily kids are oblivious to a lot of things and loved this dolls house even in it's very simple state. I really look forward to helping them add to it over the coming year, but need to remember it's theirs and not mine...

Really looking forward to the new year and I hope all your Christmas crafting went to plan! xxx