Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas sew over it shirt dress

Before this dress goes into the wash and it's blogging possibilities vanish forever I thought I would just get some photographic proof of my lovely new Christmas dress. I left the job of taking the photos to my husband and they were done in less than a minute, indoors with crap natural daylight so here you go!

I bought this fabric (apparently liberty brushed cotton twill) on Goldhawk road from a shop which will close down in the new year. It is so perfect for a Christmas dress it's ridiculous and I just couldn't walk away from it. Sew over it started stocking it too, but I believe they have sold out now. Lisa Comfort of 'sew over it' particularly liked it and made a vintage shirt dress from it, which I liked so much I decided to completely copy. Well, I did add grey contrast cuffs and lapels so it's not exactly the same...

What a comfy dress to wear today. I love the amount of ease throughout the waist, which is great when you are planning on eating a lot, but the shoulders and sleeves are well fitted so it does not feel too big overall. I did lengthen it quite a lot as the pattern as drafted is far too short for my tastes.

I imagine that the fit is probably not what most people would expect from the cover art as it gives the impression of a more fitted bodice. Personally it suits me perfectly, but if you are looking for a closer silhouette then definitely size down from the bust to waist.

I chose some grey buttons to go with the contrast fabric and I really like how they pop out of the dress.

Verdict = very happy with dress, fabric and pattern and can see myself wearing this a lot! The shoes are my Christmas present and I'm fairly in love with them too. Good old Clarks shoes ;-)