Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Kate Davies Epistropheid hat

My winter hat!

I wanted to knit myself a hat this year, as I have to walk a lot and wanted the option for head warmth (even though it's really mild here in the UK actually). I really like colour work and looked for a pattern based on that! I headed straight over to Kate Davies ravelry store actually as I love her designs and bought this pattern.

The pattern calls for DK yarn and I was ordering yarn for a jumper, so tagged some onto that. It is Drops Lima from Wool warehouse, which is so lovely to work with, really soft and available in loads of colours. The pom pom is made from some uber expensive yarn that I bought from a little knitting shop in Edinburgh a while ago. I went on an amazing week of wild camping with my husband and friends some years ago which finished up with a night in a hotel in Edinburgh where I bought this. It was £15 I think (the most expensive yarn I've ever bought) and I have been terrified to use it! It is a fluffy wool and angora mix I think and breaks easily as well as being really clingy and hard to unravel. It was a bad choice, but too beautiful to never use, so I turned it into the most luxurious pom pom there ever was.

I actually planned to knit a red and grey hat, but once I started working on my jumper I liked the yellow so much I stole some of my jumper yarn for the hat. Speaking of my jumper, here is a peek at what I'm working on. It's all a bit random and I'm building the design as I go, but it's so  much fun!

Other than that I have been working my way through some selfless sewing. My daughter had her second birthday last week, which mixed in with my Christmas crafting has been keeping me nice and busy. I am really enjoying it though. It's strangely soothing to be sewing for other people.

I hope you're all looking forward to Christmas this year! Lots of love xxxx