Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Knitted - rockhopper shawl

Hi friends! I have recently finished a knitting project. They can be few and far between, but I have been working on this since around Christmas time and have been keen to finish it. It took a recent week away with the family to finally reach the finish line.

This is the rockhopper shawl from the rather charming knitting book 'Penguin A Knit Collection' by the equally charming Anna Maltz. I have not met her, but I hope to one day and from what I can tell she's pretty charming. The book was only released before Christmas and I only discovered Anna just prior to this. As soon as I saw her stuff I was inspired and pre-ordered the book. It's enchanting and full of interesting penguin facts and bright colours. I cherish it!

What I have since discovered is that Anna is a fun knitter and this was huge fun to knit! Yes it's a plain garter stitch shawl, but the construction of the colour work is so clean and intriguing. I won't spoil how it's done (although you may be better at figuring it out than I), but I enjoyed knitting this from start to finish.

Now here are some awkward poses with my shawl in the sun, but I expect this will come into it's own next winter when it will be surgically attached to me.

Check out Anna's blog for more info on the other patterns in the book here. I have a jumper to finish up and then I plan to start on the Humboldt, which is knitted using Anna's marlisle colourwork technique. Oh I love this book!