Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mercury collection pattern

Hi hi, I'm here today to introduce my newest sewing pattern for the Mercury collection. I officially set it live last week, but today I have been able to put the paper versions up in the shop. That's right, I have paper copies!!! So exciting, but first here's the pattern...

As you can see there are two top variations and two bottoms. Choose between a plain or turn-up cuff on the sleeve and plain or split back for the top as well as a wide palazzo leg or baggy pleated cuff leg for the trousers. There are no fastenings on the top and the trousers have an elasticated back waist for an easy pull on style.

The wide leg trousers can be down to the floor of you like them long or just at the ankle if like me you like to show off your shoes. This checked pair was made from a synthetic crepe with a lovely drape. Very important for this style I feel.

The leg with the pleated cuff is a baggy more casual style and more tapered in shape than the wide leg, but still loose at the ankle. I chose to make a sample in this gorgeous checked double gauze fabric (sold out from miss matabi), which in no way shows off the pleats so quickly made another sample in a thin cotton chambray.

 The top is easy fitting and comfortable to wear with a bit of flare coming out at the waist for a flattering shape. I have made it up in a green silk crepe de chine (view A) and a cotton/linen union fabric (view B). It's a nice contrast between the two fabrics and really shows how this style can be dressed up or down. If I was still working in an office then the below outfit would be a go to for sure.

View D can be made up without the hem pleats if you like them baggy. These are not  detailed in the instructions, but it's just a case of ignoring the pleats and finishing off. The trouser hems of view D are finished with a facing and facing pieces are provided for both pleated and un-pleated versions. The below pair are made from a textured synthetic crepe and are bit of a wardrobe staple.

I think the wide palazzo pants are my favourite part of the pattern as they are pretty smart made up in a nice fabric and worn with a silky crop top or camisole. I shall be offering a link to some additional pattern pieces in the next week or so with darts on the trouser back and a side zip insertion. I love the elasticated pull on style, but it may not work for those with a smaller than average waist in relation to their hips. It's not really possible to grade down on the waist and be able to pull your trousers on, so I shall be offering a way around that scenario. Keep your eyes peeled!

Did I mention paper? Oh yes here are the paper patterns. It was never my intention to stock hard copied of my patterns actually, but after the release of the Roberts pattern people were requesting it a lot and I couldn't ignore so I've gone into very small scale production. I'm just going to briefly touch upon it now because I think it's important to show that it is possible no matter what the size of your business is. I had no idea how to go about it for the numbers I was thinking so I found a company who print technical plans to print the patterns on A0 paper and I print the envelopes myself with a mix of screen printing and stamping. I even have to fold the patterns myself so it is a bit labour intensive and not for everyone, but if you want to offer more for your customers then it is definitely possible. I love being in complete control of everything and I found a product that works for me, but there are many other ways to do it. Anyway, if you are also a pattern designer wondering if you can print micro runs then the answer is yes, go for it!!!

I hope you like the new pattern and any questions give me a shout! :-)