Sunday, 15 May 2016

Finshing things off!

I have experienced a burst of energy when it comes to attacking and finishing off fairly long standing unfinished objects this week! I put it down to the recent fashion revolution week and that we are currently in me made May. Anyway, what ever the reason it has done nothing but good things to my sewing space.

First up is this jumper/sweater thing!

This is part hand knit and part sewn. I started the jumper front before Christmas with the intention of knitting the whole jumper, but then lost interest. This is probably because I had no real plan and was kind of making it up as I went along. The bottom half (reverse colour work) is a castellation type motif/stripe which I felt was too ordinary and on a whim decided to reverse it so the loops are on the face side and the top half is a contrast pattern with the colour work on the face side. When I posted this on Instagram I definitely sensed some gasps of horror at the idea of reversing a distinctive pattern like that, but I really like the contrast in texture and how the colours work together on the loopy side.

I had started to knit the back (it was all knitted together and continued on from the shoulders), but didn't like where it was going and ripped back. In desperation to not knit any more of it I thought of adding this loop back sweater knit/French terry to make up the un-knitted portions. I cut the back and left it for about 5 months.

It took me so little time to put together last week that I could kick myself for not doing it sooner!

The neon flecked sweater knit was from the cloth house last year and the green ribbing was from Kitschy koo and the third of a metre I bought has served me well so far. It is such nice quality. I highly recommend it if your are looking for t-shirt neck bands in funky colours!

 The ribbing is on the bottom of the jumper back and I kind of like how it totally doesn't match the depth of the front ribbing. Also sneaky detail of the inside pattern!

Next up is this tote and knitting project bag made from some hand printed natural denim. It was an experiment on a scrap of fabric that I wanted to use somehow, but was finally inspired a couple of weeks ago. No pattern for either, but basically just rectangles wrangled into bags. The leather handles and screw in rivets were all from Merchant and Mills.

I just love these items and they were propelled straight into high rotation.

I only had enough of the screws to put one on the base of each strap which means they move around a lot so I stitched them either side with strong thread so they are fixed in position.

Last of all (well, I'm still finishing off 2 garments) is this dress which I was developing into a pattern mid last year. It wasn't doing much for me after a time working on it, but I finished sewing this version last week and am now inspired to get back to it. The overall verdict on Instagram was that it looked like scrubs, but I have seen it in a new light and there are areas that really work. Watch this space to see if this design can be de-scrubbed!

So that has been fun and really helped clear my head. Just need to sew the buttons on a silk crepe Maya dress and rebuild an early Roberts dress. Phew!!!