Friday, 27 May 2016

Some new Evan skirts

Some new Evan skirts to show you. This is my sons name and when I told him earlier I had been working on my Evan skirts he laughed and thought it was terribly funny!

I have actually been refreshing the instructions for the Evan skirt pattern as they may have been lacking in illustrations for some of the steps. It was the pin tucked pocket trims on the skirt front that seemed to really fox people, so hopefully this area is a lot clearer. Of course once you start to look back at something you can't help but tinker in other ways (or at least I can't), so I reworded some bits and ended up re-doing all the illustrations. I have developed a more consistent way of working since that pattern and just could not help reformatting bits and bobs. Essentially it is all still the same, but a bit prettier! Nothing has changed on the actual pattern, but if you have previously purchased the pattern and want the updated instructions then contact me via etsy through your order receipt (should be stored on your account somewhere) and I'll send it to you.

These two new samples are totally instant favourites of mine. I have been wearing this red one all day and it is so light an airy. The fabric is very soft and I want to say it is silk? It has a look of linen, but is much softer like a silk noil without the slub. It was gifted to me, but silk tends to have a smell about it and this smells of that smell.

I still find taking photos for patterns a bit of a nightmare. These were taken in my living room and the light is so bad that they are pretty bad quality. I don't know how to get a better set up, but these are definitely an improvement on the ones that went before!

I am wearing the skirt with a Mexican top my mum bought me and it seems to work well with these heavily embroidered tops. I think a good stripe tee will be a good match also.

This next one is my dream denim skirt. I actually salvaged the denim from a pencil skirt I started making before Christmas and was starting to hate (it can be seen at the end of this post)! I regretted wasting my good denim on it so carefully unpicked it and together with the fabric I had leftover was able to cut this skirt. so happy!

I am on a printing frenzy over here and was planning on the black spots, but they looked like they would be a bit lost on the darker right side of the denim, so when the bright idea to print the wrong side instead struck I was pretty excited. The denim was pre-washed and has gone a little streaky from the blue dye, but it kind of adds to the effect. I love how this turned out so much!

The pockets were printed to match the spots on the skirt backs. I did this by laying the pockets in position and laying the stencil in line with the print on the skirt backs. I should probably mention the print was stencilled using screen printing ink and a sponge!

So that's my new skirts and it means I have new pics for my shop and new skirts for me! Yippee!