Sunday, 5 June 2016

Landgate jacket

I made James a jacket!!! He can't believe it, I can't believe it, but it happened. He's only been waiting 2 years (although that's actually not that long in selfless sewing terms).

I  was originally making him a waxed cotton Colette Albion jacket, but a mixture of hating the fabric and going off the pattern made that scream to a grinding halt. I am probably never going to want to sew with waxed cotton EVER. It just feels too icky and cold.

I have been eying this landgate pattern for what seems like an age and finally bought it with some birthday money this year. I really like the simple shape of it and how it is actually unisex. The pattern is drafted in length to female proportions, but you lengthen by 4cm to make it a male pattern.

Everything went together perfectly and I made from scratch omitting to toile this time, as I think that was my downfall previously. I lost momentum with the whole process when I just needed to soldier on through from start to finish in one go!

 Fabric wise I used a Paul Smith cotton twill suiting for the outer (bought off ebay). The fit is good overall. If I made it again I would maybe taper the sleeves a bit. I think this look would be perfect for me as is, but maybe James would better suit more shaping or maybe ribbed cuffs? I know people do mention drag lines when talking about fitting, but these sleeves are comfortable and roomy, so I don't think the drag lines on the front sleeves are particularly a cause for concern.

The pockets are pretty great! They are roomy and secure enough for all of the junk that James seems to carry around and there are inseam pockets too for some hand warming in the colder months. I do like the choice of two pockets!

I kind of wish I hadn't added the gusset thingy behind the zip. I like it enough, but it's so close to the neck and fills in the void that visually I would prefer to be open. This is just a personal preference though.

I forgot to take pictures with the hood up, but it's nice and roomy.

I didn't really follow the pattern in terms of instructions as I lined it (I don't recall it having a lining in the pattern). I lined it in some left over brushed cotton, but didn't quite have enough so used a black cotton pique jersey for the sleeves. A bit of a random choice, but I happen to have a lot of this stuff and it's black so went well with everything else. It all feels very cosy and substantial like a 'real' coat!

I didn't even have enough of the plaid for the front raglan lining pieces so used a bit of the outer fabric.

I really enjoyed sewing this and thanks to my new machine the finish is pretty good. I would quite like to have another go to change a few bits here and there, but lets be real. That's not likely to happen any time soon!!!

Definitely recommend this pattern for a funky easy to wear jacket and it is definitely unisex. I might be heading out the door in this from time to time (with the sleeves rolled up). Big thumbs up!!!