Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wedding clothes

Ooh I'm blogging pretty regular at the moment! Wonder how long it will last!!!

Big wedding weekend this weekend, as it was the first wedding of an immediate family member I have been to. It was my sister in law getting married and it was a great excuse to get all dressed up.

I planned to make a dress for Maria and a tie for Evan pretty early on, but dithered about making my own outfit in true sewist style and waited until the day before the wedding to finally panic sew something. It was completely unnecessary as I have dresses I have worn to weddings and am happy to wear again and again. It is not my way to feel like I need something new for a wedding, but I guess I was feeling a bit restless and needed the challenge!

The jumpsuit I ended up wearing and loving is made from a blue sandwashed silk I bought from the man outside Sainsbury's in Walthamstow. It's a really great quality fabric and these photos are the day after the wedding (sans make-up) and the fabric has held up so well with virtually no creases.

It's a combination of my Roberts jumpsuit pattern with the Mercury view D leg. I have joined the leg and bodice to make one long pattern piece for front and back eliminating any style lines. I wanted to do this so that adding a sash belt would make more sense. It always seems a bit weird trying to belt the Roberts at the natural waist with the drop waist seam on show. I also raised the front neck by 5cm and dropped the back neck by 5cm, but I shall write a follow up post at some point with more of the mod details, as it's pretty straight forward and makes the pattern even more versatile!

Because I removed the seams and therefore the pockets, I added some funky side seam pockets. They do keep popping out though and I don't know if it's the fabric misbehaving or whether I should have bar tacked either side of the opening to keep them in place a bit better. I won't try it on this, but I'll have a play on the next one I make, because there will be another.

I did whip this up, but I took my time if you know what I mean. I can either sew fast and adequate or fast and nice. I think this is nice enough. Overlocked seams, which may offend some, but I felt this too thick for French seams (even though silk).

Look at my hand picked zip!

Oh yes, I should mention that I got rid of the front buttoning and added a back zip instead. Due to lack of time I raided my zip stash and came out with a heavy metal number. A bit too heavy to be truthful and it took a couple of goes tacking it in place to get it looking reasonable, but I just about got away with it.

Pics taken just before the wedding with make-up, but I'm staring really hard at the floor so you can't see!

I later decided on adding a flower because I was unhappy with my bow (for a wedding that is). I also loosened the sash slightly for a more forgiving fit.

The zip looks fine, but you can see it pull the fabric into a V at the very bottom.

 Anyway, I felt insanely comfortable and happy wearing this and highly recommend sandwashed silk for anything if you can find it at a reasonable price.

Because the weather was a bit unpredictable to say the least, I made a jacket as a precautionary cover up. I made the Deer and Doe Lupin jacket and am over the moon with it, but alas did not get to wear it as it was sooo humid.

Here is how it would have looked!

I was surprised that the arms are comfortable as I was half expecting them to feel too tight with my ample arms. It's a really sweet jacket though, but I kind of wish I had removed the fullness in the back or at least made the bottom band wider to open it out. I'm less keen on the poufy silhouette, although don't hate it. You can see the jumpsuit zip issue in this pic!

I have never sewn with a Deer and Doe bought pattern before even though I own the ondee and Melilot, but this was a joy. I love the little details in the design like the epaulettes and the pockets. Really really cute. It reminds me of a Topshop jacket I was coveting about 10 years ago, which was 1940's in style and made in navy linen and I love the style. It also kind of reminds me of military jackets from the same era.

The linen/cotton is a vintage French sheet which I printed and garment dyed, so I made the whole jacket up with white cotton thread and used vintage linen buttons before immersing it in a pale grey dye bath. It is patchy, but I think this adds a good depth to overall look. It also really highlights the irregularities in the weave of the fabric.

Here's the lining which is a leftover scrap of synthetic crepe.

 Such a shame I didn't get to wear the jacket, but the whole day was so wonderful and I felt really comfortable. It made me realise how uncomfortable I often feel when I dress for an occasion. Funny really isn't it?

As mentioned, I was not the only one wearing me-made yesterday.

I made this beeeeautiful dress for Maria. It's made from Nani Iro double gauze using the Merchant and Mills skipper dress pattern. It doesn't run quite as small as Maria, but I just made up the smallest size and am glad of the growing room. She did look totally adorable, although I have a completely biased opinion on that.

For Evan I simply made him a tie. It was made using a Lizzy House dinosaur fabric and the purl soho free pattern. I completely messed up the length attempting to do a bias seam on the back neck rather than a straight one. I was a complete idiot and lost a good 10cm or so, but it seems to have worked out for the best. I'm afraid this is as tidy as we could get him and he insisted on having his back pack on is person at all times. Even when walking down the isle scattering flower petals with my mother in law (head slap). Maria wouldn't even throw the petals, she was picking them all back up (double head slap). Kids are part of the entertainment I suppose! ;-)

Mega long post sorry. Don't forget more details on the jumpsuit modifications will follow at some point!