Monday, 3 October 2016

Pattern fantastique Falda jacket


This is a jacket I made quite some months ago for the refashioners project hosted by Portia. My original post was published here, but I wanted to do a quick post on my blog too because I really love this pattern!

The pattern is the Falda jacket by Pattern  Fantastique and I basically jumped on it as soon as it was released. I really liked all the versions I had seen, but when it came to this project I made some modifications which just happened rather organically during the making up. You can see straight away that I have not gone for long sleeves, although these were all cut out and ready to go. The sleeve is in two parts with this short sleeve section and another piece which forms the bottom sleeve. I got this far, basted the side seams and decided I really liked this length after all!

The other thing is the length. The picture below shows where the facing ends as per the pattern. I decided to just leave the outer body of the jacket at the cut length and tidy up the insides with loads of bias tape (just don't look too closely at my wobbly stitching).

Working with denim is such a joy because you can be pretty flexible in terms of how you finish it! I obviously veered far from the pattern instructions, but they are all there for an unlined or a fully lined version of the jacket.

 Once the main body was constructed I then just had fun with the finishing details with a nod to the original garments that I refashioned into this jacket scattered here and there.

I really love how versatile this garment is. It's like a thick denim shirt or a different take on a kimono jacket with the short sleeves. I really fancy making a longer coat version, but seeing's as I don't currently need a new coat this is but a pipe dream.

I shall leave you with this picture of todays outfit, which was my prompt for writing this post really. Boho bag lady!

Oh and thanks to Portia for organising the refashioner's challenge! The deadline has now closed for competition entries, but I really don't think this jacket would exist in my wardrobe if it wasn't for the challenge she set!