Sunday, 27 August 2017

Floral maxi skirt

Hey hey, it's me again just one week since my last post!!!

This time I have made a skirt and it is self drafted, but dead easy.

I found this fabulous floral print cotton on ebay a few weeks ago and had to cut into it straight away. I bought 3 metres and used pretty much all of it in this skirt.

Ok, so it's self drafted so you can't have the pattern, but you can make one if you have a little experience with drafting or altering patterns! Just pop on over to the BHL website and use their awesome circle skirt app to get some waistband measurements and you're off!

I split mine into 7 panels (divide half circle into 8 panels and join 2 of these together for centre back panel) as per below.

Here it is all joined and laid out on the floor.

I created some pockets that get sewn in with the front side panels (which are a little too low unfortunately, oops!)...

and also a centre front button placket. How awesome are these buttons by the way? I have been ordering buttons from Textile Garden for some time now as Maggie has the most beautiful selection. I always seem to find the perfect match in her shop!

The skirt is so swishy and comfortable and I made the back waistband elasticated for some leeway when it comes to comfort and fit.

Not much else to say really. I French seamed everything for a quality finish and I am loving having a colourful floral print in my wardrobe.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Simple summer knit - windlass

Hello hello!!! 

I think this might be the first blog post of the year so far. How did that happen? (This is so wrong. Just checked and it's my third post...). I guess like everyone else I have been documenting my general craftiness on Instagram, but also I haven't been working on many personal makes. I have been feeling generally under the weather since Easter (although much better now) and also using any spare moments to work on new designs (yes they are coming) so have not had much to talk about, but I all of a sudden do have some garments I can actually share which is pretty exciting.

Today is a knitted garment as I am very successfully incorporating knitting into my daily life lately. It is making me so happy! I had a real hankering for some summer knits, so set about knitting with a soft and cool cotton/linen/silk blend yarn. It came on a cone (from ebay) and was a natural colour, but I hand dyed it this gorgeous blush pink. The pattern is a heavily modified windlass from Pom Pom mag, which caught my eye. I had intended to knit the lovely stitch pattern on the top of the bodice, but as I was knitting the body I just wanted to continue the plain design.

The length is cropped as per my mods with a level hem and shortened armscye. I also knit in the round as I was nervous about creating a beautiful side seam on such a plain garment.

I totally love it and I was completely happy with it, but then I had an idea which involved gold.

Yep, I printed some gold foil spots onto my hand knit that I spent hours making. Once the idea happened I couldn't not do it. No fear, just eager anticipation ;-) I ordered the foil and adhesive from here and simply painted on the adhesive and heat set the foil.

Ding, ding, ding!!! Over the moon happy!

The perfect earrings became mine (bought from independent maker Freya Alder) and were worn with this top last night. I do not subscribe to a konmari lifestyle, but I believe these things fit the bill nicely. My new top and jewellery fill me with nothing but joy and happiness.

I am now working on a second windlass tank in green which will hopefully be finished soon should the sun ever come back. See you again soon hopefully xxx