Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My Honetone coat!

Hello! I thought I would just pop by to show you my Honetone coat which I personally wear. Although not brand newly made it is keeping me very warm at the moment and I made a few changes to suit my own personal preferences.

I just love the colour of this coat first of all, but I can't link to the fabric as it was low in stock when I bought it and has since sold out. It is a double twill weave from Fabworks mill shop and is similar to this pink one which I used for a version here. The difference is that this has a very slight hairy texture.

This is 10cm longer than drafted and because the addition was nothing to do with my proportions I just added the length to the bottom of the pattern.

The button band is also narrower than that of version A. I used the narrower band as I thought the poppers I was planning on using would look better. I actually rarely wear it done up to be honest as it is very warm! This is probably because I interfaced the entire front and back as well as used a pre-quilted lining.

Considering how much I have worn this coat it is still looking pretty fresh. I have sat on it, used it as a blanket and generally thrown it around as I do all my coats and the only creasing is in the non-interfaced arms. Definitely don't skimp on the quality of interfacing. I use this one from English couture and it's beautifully soft and yet stabilising. There is also a horsehair canvas back stay and front armhole reinforcement which really stabilises the top half of the coat.

Here is what it looks like without the scarf even though this sweater is not the best neckline with the coat...

Quick shot of the beautiful pre-quilted silk lining. I bought this from a silk shop in Berwick street, London a million years ago. I hadn't been to London very many times at this point and was so over excited to be in these posh silk shops that I completely splurged on this fabric. I have then been bitten by 'the fear' for over 10 or more years unable to cut into it. So happy I finally used it and it's so nice to see it every day. Because it is quilted I hemmed the main coat and the coat lining separately and then did some chain links to keep the two layers together.

I really love wearing this and it is making my other coats pretty redundant at the moment. I haven't even reached for my feather down coat yet as this is so toasty so that's excellent, although it's always nice having that in the cupboard. I somehow feel a bit smarter in this though and yet still casual. Basically I love wearing it!