Thursday, 7 December 2017

Isca shirt pattern - free extra pattern pieces

Edit - I have now published a listing on Etsy for the minimum amount they allow to make accessing the files a lot easier. Hopefully this is still as good as free! Included is a print at home, copyshop and instruction file.

Hey, hey, it's Christmas treat time!!! When working on the Isca shirtdress I was always considering the possible variations which could come from the pattern. I do this with every pattern I design, but in order to get a pattern out, sometimes you just have to keep it really concise. The obvious pattern variation is to turn the pattern into a shirt and I was so close to including it, but the pattern was just getting too huge. I mean literally at 4 x A0 pages as published! The pattern pieces were already created and have been sitting in a file, so I thought I would share them with you today. I shall write a separate post with construction notes on how to sew up the new pieces this weekend, but for now I shall just talk about the design details. P.S. skip to the end for an exciting discount on all PDF patterns!

So the shirt is such a great shape. It has shaping through the bust and shoulders as per version A of the main pattern with additional shaping to the back in the form of darts. It has the right amount of relaxed fit for comfort with a flattering shape to follow the shape of your curves. Can you tell that I love it?

I have created a link direct to the PDF here containing the additional pattern pieces you will need to sew this shirt. A new lower front, new back, new button placket and sleeve cuff. You will absolutely need to buy the pattern to make use of these pieces as there is no sleeve, armhole or collar but it's so worth it!

There is no skimping on the finish here and I think it is really fun to construct. I hope you do too! ;-)

The hem is curved and sewn before the side seam, but then bar tacked to reinforce the area. This may not be an order of work you have come across before, but it is by no means unique!

The sleeves have an additional cuff to add a wee bit of length, but to also give you something to turn back. If like me you like the look of a traditional cuff, but always roll your sleeves back then this is for you. It gives the look of a full length sleeve without the extra bulk or constant pushing back of the sleeves. This is something that I have seriously considered.... VERY IMPORTANT STUFF!

The seams are finished as nicely as possible so that when the cuffs are pulled back there are no rough edges.

While I'm showing you stuff, here's a close up of the shoulder reinforcements from the inside. Designed to offer longevity to your garment they also add a nice detail to the overall shirt. You'll just notice that I have finished the armhole seam with a zig zag. This is the only seam finish which is not concealed. I prefer to trim and zig zag to reduce bulk. Top stitching the seam allowance down can cause unnecessary pulling in this area, so I'm happy to leave it plain. As with all sewing, it is down to preference, so I wouldn't be surprised if you like to finish this area differently to me.

I just love how it looks from the inside.

To round off here are some pictures of the shirt on a real body. Dress stands are fine, but sometimes it's more helpful to see a garment on a moving person. I don't own many shirts so it's hard to define what I want from one, but this feels very me!

Now onto that discount I mentioned..... If you would like 25% off any of the PDF patterns in my shop then just type in the code MERRYXMAS17 at the check out. I cannot apply discounts to my paper patterns I'm afraid as I don't have the capacity to manage that kind of sale. I hope you understand!