Thursday, 4 January 2018

Printing something out of nothing

Here's a challenge. Use your scraps to give you print confidence!

Two of my most liked pattern sample garments are the ones I printed using a very simple stencilling technique. It is bold and graphic, but so easy to do so I thought I would give a little tutorial today.

All you really need is a stencil, some ink and a sponge. I have a very good supply of some architects drafting sheets, which has a plastic coating and is perfect for stencils, but you could make use of plastic packaging. Be resourceful ;-) My Dad rescued my supply from a skip, so I am one lucky lady! The ink I used is Permaset Aqua screen printing ink from here. It is solvent free, so much kinder to the environment. The scrap of denim is actually a hemmed piece I cut off the bottom of some super long sleeves I was sewing and destined for the recycling bag.

The stencil was simply cut with a scalpel and a cutting mat. It's fun to work with just very simple shapes and design with little pressure to create an accurate repeat.

 With some paper underneath the fabric to protect the table, I just weighed down the stencil and got dabbing with my inked sponge.

Go wild and cover your piece.

To finish off, heat set the print once it has cured or dried properly. I usually do this by throwing my printed fabric in the tumble dryer for a hot spin, but you can use an iron also.

My printed scrap was begging to be made into a pencil case and this bright coral zip looked brilliant against the fabric.

A really good use of some pieces which were destined to be destroyed.

The piece I printed the other day with my carved block got made into a drawstring bag. Perfect to use as a project bag or re-usable gift wrapping.

 So hopefully this demonstrates that you can really enjoy the process by thinking really small and using pieces of fabric that would not otherwise seem useful!

M x


janet lee said...

amazing projects! Thanks for the step-by-step photos, and the finished projects look so cute and useful. OMG, are your weights turquoise horseshoes? I'm in love! xoxo!

Caroline said...

Great little crafty and resourceful projects here Marilla. I am a sucker for an irregular dotty print!

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Jane. It's not always easy to find the time to make these little things I find, but always so fun when I do! Yes, the weights are blue horseshoes and I LOVE them! ;-) xxx

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Caroline and I could have guessed you'd like the dots as they are very Marimekko ;-) xxx

atia said...

I love this tutorial! I just binned my Morgan jeans scraps but I might rescue them and try this :)