Saturday, 7 April 2018

Kinder cardigan - Wendy Ward

I am hear today to talk about a cardigan I made at the beginning of the year just before the release of Wendy Wards new book 'A beginners guide to sewing with knitted fabrics'. I was contacted by the publishing company and supplied with the book and fabric in return for a review, but it all got delayed due to Wendy's book selling so fast that they needed to restock. I was super happy to be able to have a sneak peek and was instantly drawn to the kinder cardigan with its kimono-esque vibe.

I was able to choose some fabric from the Minerva crafts website and could not resist the atelier brunette sweater fabric they had available. Unfortunately I can no longer find it on their website, but they do have this one. I have seen this branded sweater fabric sewn up quite a lot and was intrigued. I can report that it is amazingly soft!

The pattern I chose was a very easy sew and the book walks you through all the steps perfectly. I sewed it all up on my sewing machine as instructed.

The book itself is very much aimed at sewing on a standard sewing machine and explains that there is no need for an overlocker if you do not wish to make the investment. I personally would have found this extremely helpful when I was starting out in sewing with knit fabrics as it is easy to be put off. I remember years and years and years ago trying to sew stretch fabric and it getting all warped through the sewing machine. I have had an overlocker for almost 20 years, so am very lucky and didn't really need to consider how my sewing machine would cope with sewing seams, but I really love the quality of a standard machine sewn seam.

There are some pretty great patterns included for a boxy t-shirt, vest top and wide legged trousers as well as suggestions for how to customise the patterns.

I think that this is such great value for money if you would like a bit of hand holding when it comes to sewing with knits.

I must admit I have struggled to photograph my finished garment as this is definitely more lounge wear for me, but then I didn't want to pair it with my raggedy old pyjamas, so here is what it looks like on with my jeans. Pretty smart! It is so snuggly, I only wish I had made it ginormous so I could wear it as a dressing gown.

I hope this is a helpful review to you and please check out all the other wonderful makers taking part in this tour! xxx


Caroline said...

It looks great on you Marilla. The Atelier knit fabric seems very popular with the Wendy Ward Blog Tour bloggers - all very good things have been said about it.
I can see this cardigan as a big snuggly house coat / dressing gown too. Maybe you should give it a go!
Loving the gorgeous necklace too x

Anonymous said...

Love it Marilla and so glad to here how straightforward you found it all. I feel like I ought to get myself some of that fabric after the number of people that have used it for my patterns!! Hope you're enjoying wearing your cardi :o) xx

heather hunt said...

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday night, Marilla, I felt like I was in the presence of sewing royalty with you and Katie, and of course Heather Lou!
As promised, i've bought your Maya top and i'm looking forward to making it soon!
Best wishes

Marilla Walker said...

Aw, thanks Heather and it was lovely to meet you too! If you're on Instagram just give me a prod! Hope you had a good day yesterday xxx