Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Baby refashioning!

My posts are sometimes like buses, I don't write anything for like a week and then two come along at once!

This is just a quick post to write about some baby refashioning I have been doing. I am finiding it difficult to justify making anything for Maria, let alone buying anything these days, as I have so much to hand down from Evan. Her gifted clothes are now running extrememly low, but the weather is scorching and she is getting bigger, so I thought I could make her a dress out of an old vest. This vest is 3-6 months and she is 7 and a half months, so it was cutting her in half a bit, but rather than get rid of it or give it away I had a go at refashioning.

I should probably have taken a better picture than this!

To achieve a dress I simply chopped off the leg holes to make a bodice. I pleated a strip of fabric so that it was about a quater wider than the flat vest and stretched the vest to the pleated fabric to allow some ease. Simples!!! Too many photos??? Oh well, she is such a babe, she deserves to be the centre of attention.

The next refashion is of my old cardigan. I have had this cardigan for about 15 years and I decided it was time to let go! I have reduced the size to make a toddler cardi for Maria in the winter. I used my Oliver and S layette jacket as a size guide when cutting.

I managed to retain the sleeve and side seams and just had to unpick some of the rib edging, join the raglan and add the unpicked edging back. This also meant that I retained the buttons and button holes. Really pleased with this, sorry if I have not explained my process more, but the little angel that is Maria is waking up so I have to go!


liza jane said...

That is a genius way to refashion an old onesie. Love it! And that cute babe deserves to be the center of attention. She is adorable!

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks, this idea is going to breath life into many old vests yet! It's so annoying when they get too short in the body and sometimes they are not fit to hand down to someone else, so this was my lightbulb moment!

JustSew Jenna said...

She is adorable!! I would love to see that cardi on her, it looks lovely

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I love a bit of upcycling (gorgeous baby too)!