Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hand printed fabric swap - sign up here!!!

Right, I am going ahead with this then. I am going to organise a handprinted fabric swap!

Toilet roll stamp!
For those of you who did not read the last post, I am doing a hand-printed fabric swap for fellow sewists. This is a challenge for all skill levels and I am confident that amazing results can be achieved with very low tech equipment.

Basically I will pair people up, so you can get to know each other and you can then each produce one metre of hand printed fabric to swap with your partner. This will be a great way to get to know your partner and you can swap ideas and print techniques as you go if you like! Get to know your partners likes and dislikes, but do not let this confine you too much, as you will hopefully be using this challenge to experiment with colour and texture, so don't need to follow a specific brief as such (unless you want to!)...

Is there any criteria to take part in the swap? I hear you cry!
  • Well, I think that this is open to bloggers/avid instagrammers only I'm afraid. It will be easier for pairs to get to know/stalk their partners if they have something visual to look at.
  • This is going to be open to the whole world, so non-UK residents need apply!!!
  • There is no need to have ever done any print prior to this as I have set up a pinterest board full of inspiration, which I shall be adding to further. See here!
FYI, I'm not an experienced printer, so will be learning as I go on this one, but I have set up a pinterest board that we can all add to with 'in progress' samples and final prints here. Once I have your email addresses, I shall invite you to be contributors to the board and hopefully we can all inspire each other!

I don't want to be too much of a school mistress, but feel that there needs to be a few rules in place to ensure that everyone gets a fair deal.
  • Fabric wise, I think it's best to stick to natural fibres such as cotton or linen (doesn't matter what colour or weight). This is better for print and also means that each swappee will get a reasonable quality of fabric in return.
  • Please pre-wash before printing to remove any fabric coating and allow shrinkage.
  • Also, please fix your dyes according to the manufacturers instructions and wash after printing to make sure that the dye stays in place (even if it's a hand wash). You can then instruct your partner how you washed it, so they know it's safe to do the same.
  • Can fabric be at least 140cm wide? Then at least a nice top or something can be made from the fabric.
If you would like to register your interest in taking part then please comment below. Can you please leave your name, blog URL, email address and where you are from? I'm going to partner up everyone randomly, so please be aware that you may have to send your print overseeeeeees!

Please register by Saturday the 2nd of August and I will then pair you up. Given that this may be something new to some of you, I think we should have a longish deadline, so shall we say complete and post your finished print by Tuesday the 2nd September? This should hopefully give you time to gather supplies, have a play and come up with something you are happy with.

Really excited about this challenge and looking forward to getting started already! I have never organised anything like this before, so please be kind and politely tap me on the shoulder if you think I've missed anythign out!