Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hand printed fabric swap partners revealed

First of all I just want to get the cheesy bit out of the way and say a huge thank you to you guys for taking part in this swap! I was expecting a handful of people to show interest, so more than a dozen is brilliant!

I have been spying on you all and you are all very creative peeps, which should make for a really fun swap. I have split everyone into pairs as per below and it's now up to you to get in touch and get to know one another. Pairs are as follows...

Charlotte (english girl at home)  -  Claire (hoopes park studios)

Katie (what katie sews/what katie does)  -  Lucy (reniqlo)

Louise (elsiemay and bertha)  -  Béa (beas sewing adventure)

Amandine (fleur de carotte)  -  Kate (fit and flare)

Jen (tea for two diary)  -  Ingrid (we the sewing)

Amanda Stinton (instagram)  -  Jenna (just sew jenna)

Carrie (oh she dabbles)  -  Me (Here!)

If you haven't received an email from me by now then a mistake has been made with your address or it has gone to your junk mail. Email me if this is the case! (address in about page)
I can't remember who, but I recall there was a request for a button somewhere along the line, so I have rustled this up for you (don't laugh). I have no web dev/build knowledge when it comes to creating a code for this bad boy, so I'm afraid it's going to be an image and a link.
Over the coming weeks I am going to be sharing my own progress and some tips, but it would be great if you could do the same if you stumble across some interesting techniques. Some of you might feel like keeping your prints a secret until the very end, so don't worry if sharing's not your thing.

I will be offering as much support as you guys want, but just to remind you I am no printing expert!!!! Don't let this stop you asking questions though, as you all have my email address by now!

By the way, I have sent invites out to the group Pinterest board, but now realise that not everyone is a member of Pinterest. If you want to add any images, but don't have a login then send them to me or a link and I'll pin it for you.