Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Woven hudson pants

Last weeks 'perfect pattern parcel' was amazing! If you missed out then look for the next batch here.

There a couple of other patterns that are on my to-do list from this collection, but I had to start with the Hudson pants. I have in my head a chambray pair, but needed to toile first, so made this check pair instead.

I'm not sure how well the check actually works, as it seems to be curving outwards at the top of my legs!

I had just made them in these pictures and then proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day with the shirt I already had on and THEN went on to take pictures!!!! I'm not sure these are blog worthy at all as I look too sloppy, but hey ho!

These trousers are cooomfy! If I still worked in an office I would happily wear these in with a nice top and smart shoes.

I like them from the side!

For the pockets I added an extra inch to the inside edge of the pocket bag. I'd read somewhere (may have been on True Bias blog) that the pocket can feel a bit small on woven because of the exclusion of the rib edge on the pocket front, so added this on for a decent size pocket bag.

I think they fit nicely, but I didn't have 2" elastic, as detailed in the pattern, so used 1.5" instead and I don't think this is deep enough. I also didn't make it tight enough, so they slip down alot. Size wise, I went up 3 sizes, but then ended up taking it down one, so definitely suggest 2 sizes up from your normal is enough.

For the cuffs I re-used some cardigan sleeve ends in my box of bits. These are far too flimsy and in no way adequate, but look pretty.

For my next pair I am going to try a woven again, but lengthen the back rise, use the recommended elastic, shorten the leg slightly so the cuff doesn't colapse and maybe experiment with a woven cuff with elastic insertion.

I hope I find time for a next pair soon!