Saturday, 18 April 2015

bright orange skirt and white printed top

My third vintage item towards my vintage pattern pledge in as many weeks! Obviously I am a serious repeat pattern offender here. If I like a pattern then I am unlikely to only use it just the once and this is my second version of the vintage Simplicity 4899 wrap skirt, but this time with some significant mods.

After wearing this version around I felt the wrap at the back just didn't sit very neatly and constantly needed re-adjusting. I love the overall shape however, so I eliminated the wrap in favour of a plain back with lapped zip fastening. Fortunately the pattern has the centre back clearly marked, so it was just a case of adding a seam allowance to this and cutting two back pieces.

The other element that was a bit niggly on the first version was the straight waistband. I turned to the shaped waistband of my Evan skirt pattern instead, as I know this fits me really well and sits perfectly in place without any weirdness.

I cut the outer waistband in the main fabric (a Scottish waffle wool fabric from fabricland) and the inside waistband in a perfectly co-ordinating orange silk that has been a scrap in my stash for ever and matched the orange so amazingly it was clearly meant to be. I even had enough for my pocket linings, so was pretty pleased.

The wool was quite bouncy, so I used a clapper when pressing to really make them lye flat. When I say clapper, I actually mean a wood offcut from the garage! I think the overall finish is quite contemporary looking and the pockets are, yet again, the star of this skirt.

The top is a white Irish linen Maya top (yawn, another repeat pattern), which I printed with a big circular motif. It is cropped a couple of inches shorter than the shortest length on the pattern to show off the details of the skirt.

This whole outfit was made on impulse, but had a lot of thought behind it at the same time. I have had the orange wool in my stash for a while now and wanted to make the most of it, as it's the most awesome colour and weight in real life. I half thought of making a jacket, but couldn't visualise it and this skirt is the most perfect skirt I could have imagined. It always feels so good to cut into precious fabric and for it to turn into something wonderful doesn't it? The top is standard and is something I have wanted to make for a while. Practical, wearable, not much else to say on that one!
 Why the sudden need to make an outfit? Well, I was meeting up with some fabulous sewing ladies this weekend and just wanted something new to wear. I obviously didn't neeeeed to make anything, but I wanted to and they are items that can become part of my everyday wear.
Whilst I was in London there happened to be a Cloth House sale going on. They are basically clearing their dead stock to consolidate everything into one shop instead of two premises. This meant that the lines they are no longer continuing was going for crazy cheap prices and I ended up buying a lot of jersey at £1p/m. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly, but if it is discontinued and old stock then does that mean that this is a sustainable fabric purchase? It's there to sell of, they are not replacing it with more, so am I getting that right or am I bending the situation to suit my desire to shop sustainably?