Friday, 20 November 2015

Guatemalan inspired cardigan

Hold onto your hats for some awkward posing! I still can't get used to this blog photo thing, but I can't deny that it's better for showing clothes so I do it anyway!
Here's my newest make and labour of love a hand knitted cardi! Why Guatemalan? Well the colourwork is inspired by some Guatemalan clothes I have inherited from my mum. I love central American textiles, but don't have many pieces and when ever I have been to Belize have found good stuff hard to come by, so naturally I knit some!

Why am I standing like I have a hunchback? Honestly, some photos are just cringe city...

I started this piece last winter in my keenness to design and knit. I made a couple of jumpers from scratch, pretty much writing the pattern as I went and I found the whole process quite therapeutic and fun. The knitting bug did not last past February however, so this was left in a box waiting for me to pick it up again. Next time I do that I really need to make a note of needles sizes, as I transferred my unfinished knitting onto a stitch holder at some point and made no reference of needles anywhere.

It is a simple drop shoulder v-font cardigan with colour work on front and back, patch pockets and cropped sleeves (I don't get on with full length sleeves).

I am really happy with the shape and despite the colour work this is a really simple pattern to work out.

There is a lot to love about this project. It really is everything I wanted it to be and was a real joy to make. It was also a great learning project and there are things I want to take onto my next one.
The good - I love the front and back and also the 1x1 rib neck band. I find this type of neck band the easiest to fit and the neatest finish.

 The bad - I did not plan the flow of the garment very well in terms of the relationship of the front and back and I'm not sure that as a whole it is very pleasing in design terms. I think that the back design should have run seamlessly from front to back or maybe eliminated completely with just the patch pockets as an overall detail and the castellation border just going round the bottom hems of the cardi or sleeves. These are not things that are bad enough to make me love it less, but definitely something to improve upon.

I already have wool for a new cardi or jumper and am currently swatching for stitches and patterns. So exciting! I'm looking forward to incorporating some lace stitches as they can be nice to knit. I do normally lean towards cables, but I'm learning that I don't enjoy wearing them so much as they can be bulky so have to seek new knitting highs ;-)