Sunday, 24 January 2016

new hat and mittens set

Still knit, knit, knitting!!!

This time I have knitted a complete knitted hat and mittens set, which have been mainly improvised. I say mainly because the amount of stitches I cast on for the hat was taken from The craft sessions, very timely, recent publication of some pattern notes for a simple hat. After the ribbing however I went completely awol and made it up as I went along. I'll publish my pattern notes on Ravelry at some point!

Obviously I have recently finished a hat and some mittens, but I have since gifted them to a better home. I love knitting colourwork and I really enjoyed the mix of yarns in the mittens, but they are not really me. What I want to wear and what I like to knit are two different things sometimes and after some deep analysis I realised all I really wanted was a plain set in my favourite colour. As far as the style of hat is concerned the epistrophied is just too long in the body. I can't figure out slouchy hats and feel I have to poke and tweak my hair to make it look and feel ok. I don't like hats that require this amount of effort and my thick hair does require some kind of prodding to feel comfy in a hat. This one I have just finished is short in the body and close fitting to my head and just kind of plonks on and looks ok with no tweaks!

Plus it looks better with glasses which is something else I seem to struggle with.

I don't think I'll be needing to knit accessories again for a while, but I shall detail everything I need to know for next time on ravelry as it would be good to just have a go to basic pattern for aran weight yarn (which is what I've used). The mittens are actually not any different really than my recent bobble mitts other than the amount of stitches and rows is a lot less due to the bulkier weight.

Anyway, I hope you like my new wooly things and it's been a great excuse to take some better pics of my sew over it vintage shirt dress as the ones I published at Christmas were pretty lame. Love this dress!

I shall leave you with this shot of the back of my head to show the nice decreases and hope you are all staying warm! Happy Sunday! xxx