Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter sewing - new Freemantle coat and Roberts things

I have had the urge to sew a coat for a few months now. I have been searching and searching for a pattern and ideas and have even bought a couple of patterns (Named Isla and Harriet), but nothing was quite hitting the mark. I cut and started sewing a Harriet lumber jacket after I purchased the pattern in the Christmas advent sale, but was just not feeling it somehow. I love the style and the details, but I took a break from it and didn't feel like going back. I think it was the fabric that I had gone off rather than the pattern. I was also planning on making a corduroy Isla Trench after I found this bargain jumbo cord from My fabrics, but then wondered if the silhouette is a bit too long and narrow for me. Finally my lovely internet sewing friend Karin made a second version of my Freemantle sewing pattern in a sweater knit and I almost slapped myself. I NEEDED another Freemantle!!!

I have made this pattern up so many times now in sweater knits, cotton twill, wool and I still really love sewing those weird underarm gussets!

This version is made up as view A with no mods to the style other than to grade from size 4 at the underarm to 6 at the hem to accurately reflect my bust and hip measurements. My pattern samples are a straight size 4 and a bit smaller than I'd like on the bottom half.

 It's been great to get back up close and personal with this pattern, as it's helped me to reconnect with it. It's hard sometimes to not feel an emotional connection with my work. What can I say, I'm only human after all! :-P

The cord has worked so well in this instance and it's got a real traditional feel with the plaid lining and leather buttons, but a modern silhouette. It's adequately reflecting my mood and style influences right now.

Some close up detail of buttons and perfectly aligned welts and things...

I had sort of forgotten about this pattern after I announced I was discontinuing it from sale last year. I took it off sale and then was surprised to be getting requests for it to come back! I honestly didn't know anyone had even noticed it as it's never sold that well and doesn't have a big internet presence in terms of finished makes, so I relisted it for the people that were requesting to buy it. I know you shouldn't back track, but I'm really pleased I did and making it up again has been an absolute joy! I did not underline it as instructed, but instead chose to do a lining effect using this method which encloses all the seam allowances. Now go and visit my pin board and ask me why I wouldn't have thought to make a Freemantle coat? ;-)

Apart from that, some other weather appropriate clothes I've been sewing for myself are from my Roberts collection.

Some corduroy dungarees which are the warmest, most comfy thing ever! The cord has stretch in it, so these are super duper comfy, but have the added thing of coming out slightly larger than I wanted. oh well!!!

This next jumpsuit is made out of a bleached denim and it's great for now, but will also be pretty handy come spring when I never know what to wear between it getting warmer, but not that warm!

Not much to say on the Roberts bits other than I wear all of it all the time. TRUTH!

I hope you're all having a good weekend and I wonder if I will ever make a coat again that is not khaki... xxx